“Turning 60”

IMG_1111 - Version 2December 10th, 2014 I turned 60! I have decided to accomplish 60 things this year.

I created a list. The things on the list came to me selectively, either because I have never done them, want to repeat them or just do them for the fun of it.

My father liked to tell stories and like him, I do too. Stories are meant to be shared, hence this blog. And like my father, some stories will be stretched but they will all be true.

I hope my blog will convey my experiences of accomplishing the 60 things on my list to whoever enjoys a good story. It is meant to be fun and it is a birthday gift to myself.

So stay tuned, sit back, follow “The List” and enjoy the adventure.


25 thoughts on ““Turning 60”

  1. Awesome idea … except that the older we get the slower we get (hell, don’t I feel it!) but the more things you are going to need to do every single year of your life from here on in 🙂


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    • Thanks for the nomination. I really appreciate you thinking of me. I hope you won’t be offended if I wait to acknowledge award. I am sticking to my original intent of only posting “The List” accomplishments for now 🙂


  3. I came upon your blog after you commented on another blog. I have to say I love the concept of doing 60 things in your 60th year. I recently turned 63 and am still working so I don’t think I could manage 63 things this year. But I am sure going to keep this idea in mind for when I do retire. I read a few of your posts and absolutely love the story of the swimsuit. By the way, I was a home ec. teacher for a while but at that time all students, both boys and girls, took home ec. in middle school and they all also took industrial arts. Now they don’t even offer home ec. in many schools but I had already quit teaching by the time that happened. I will enjoy following your progress.


  4. Hi Charline, I just heard about this last evening and spent my coffee morning to catch up. Such a great idea and so positive. Thanks so much for the well written, entertaining stories.


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  6. Actually just went through all the list and realized you have accomplished your 60 things… Especially enjoyed your paintings! Congratulations on this adventure and we hope to read more in the future.


    • Almost. 3 things left on the list that have been ongoing since I started. Meeting a celebrity hasn’t happened yet. I was hoping to run into someone at an airport, on the street, at a restaurant as I have in the past but not yet this year! Going to focus on painting once list complete. Thanks for visiting.

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