December 10, 2015

Dear Followers, Friends and Family,

Today is my last post because my list has come to an end. I want to thank all my followers, family, friends and the “blogosphere” world for being kind in all of your follows, comments and likes.

It all began because I wanted to meet Rick Mercer on my 60th birthday, a year ago today. At first it appeared I would meet him but when it didn’t, I decided I wanted to do other things and then realized I had a list.


60 things that is and then I had an idea

My list was meant to be fun, to repeat some of my favorite things, to experience new things, to set challenges for myself.

I was asked what the hardest thing was on my list to accomplish. I have to say starting the Blog as I had no idea how or where to begin. The Blogging 101 course squashed all fears on that front. Also, writing has never been my forte. When I wrote letters to my Mom while at university, she would send them back with red corrections throughout. My Mom was a teacher. Writing each post has been a challenge in itself and oh, how I wish she could have been around to read these posts!

Some things on my list were out of my control, like having the WestWing Series cancelled by Netflix. I couldn’t control the weather for skiing so switched it up and took our grandson sailing instead. The most adventurous item was going to the Central Coast on our sailboat. The most intriguing item was having my tea leaves read. The most thrilling was the extreme course at Wild Play and climbing Mount Benson. I continue to give blood on a regular basis and now work at our local Soup Kitchen every Wednesday. I continue to volunteer at various events and I am still giving things away. I was tickled pink when I sold three of my paintings to followers.

I could go on but enough to say I loved all the things I did on my list. It gave me great pleasure, satisfaction and gratification. The stories brought back so many memories. And I know I brought a smile and a giggle to some of you from time to time and that made it complete.

Thank you to those who participated in many of the things on my list. Without you it would never have happened. I especially have to thank my husband for being a great sport on so many outings and reviewing my posts from time to time. Thank goodness because the “Charline’isms” would have been rampant. I love you!

In closing, I learned a valuable lesson from this experience and that is not to procrastinate. If you can do something today, do it! Why wait? because tomorrow could be a missed opportunity.

It’s been an adventure and thank you, thank you for coming along!

Sincerely,with Warm Hugs

Charline xox



18 thoughts on “60while60

  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking us on your journey. It meant something to me since I hit a landmark age. Maybe you’ll find a new pursuit, another blog or something you want do more in depth? Take Care, Tracy B


  2. Happy Birthday Charlene and congratulations on meeting the goal you set for yourself! It is a wonderful reminder that if you set your mind to something it can be accomplished as long as you stay true to the plan.

    Best wishes for a lovely Christmas season shared with friends and family!


  3. Dearest seester, I’m so pleased that you have successfully accomplished all your “60” goals! It was so inspiring to read through your blog, especially with memories of our family! Yes, it’s too bad mom isn’t around to have read your blog!! I can just hear her saying to me; ” Bien la, what is she doing that for?”

    Maybe you have given your oldest seester thoughts for her 70th birthday goals!!!! LOL
    Love you,
    Denise 🙂


  4. Congratulations, it’s been a real pleasure to read your 60 WHILE 60, – I admire your single-mindedness is getting through them all, and maintaining your blog throughout, something I didn’t manage to do myself. Very enjoyable reading and one of the few I’ve had time to keep up with. Thank you – and good luck with your next challenge! Sandy x


  5. We have thoroughly enjoyed the ride Charline and it’s been fun to share a few adventures with you along the way. We will miss all your adventures but know they will continue……..:) Happy birthday and here’s to a new year filled with more exciting adventures and moments of laughter that take your breath away! xx M & D


  6. Happy Birthday Charline!! And Kudos to you for embracing 60! You are an inspiration to us all and so glad that I could help check off a couple of items on your list. Cheers & Hugs!!


  7. Well we finished your year and kicked off a new one last night…Happy Birthday my seester! I’m glad I could also participate in some of your activities. Well done and like BIL would say…Bravo Zulu!
    With love moi and BIL xoxo


  8. Oh, you will be missed! But I also admire you and see that you have accomplished something and then it is over….Thank you for sharing it as well…..the blogosphere is such a funny animal and when you get good experiences it can be sooo very special!! Keep in touch…..I would love to hear about what other things you will continue to do!


  9. I have enjoyed your blog and every adventure you have shared. I am also glad to be the proud owner of a Charlene original. I admire mine every day in its full beauty. Is there any chance that in 2016 you will open up an Etsy shop and sell your work online :)? Wishing you the best in your future ventures.


  10. It has been fun to follow you through your experiences over the last year. De and I wish you all the best on your future “trails”. That is correct, Trails, not Trials!!


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