#35 – Buy Flowers for the House

I love having flowers around the house. It’s a statement of bringing the outside in and brightens any room. I try to be creative in what I put the flowers in but I am limited to a few vases. I guess a trip to the local Thrift Shop is in order in the new year.


Flowers I have bought throughout the year

I do not have a garden because we have too many deer so I buy them at various flower shops. Just as an aside, my herb garden is thriving. The deer don’t like herbs and have left them alone.

My favorite flowers are poppies and calla lilies because of their unique shapes and brilliant colors. The poppies are free and easy where the calla lilies are sturdy and bold. Painting them is also something I enjoy.

Tante Joséphine had a beautiful garden of Tiger lilies, peonies, and daffodils to name a few. Her hedges of “Rugosa” roses were abundant, full of colour and oh so fragrant as you walked up to her front door. My grandfather, Pépère, had them growing all along the fence leading up to his house as well. These roses were also prolific hedges at the family cottage. It’s one of the reasons we named our boat “Rugosa” because they are hardy and love salt air.


More flowers


13 thoughts on “#35 – Buy Flowers for the House

  1. I’m with you on having flowers in the house. They have an uplifting effect, especially in mid-winter.
    Actually, any time of year is great. My late mother-in-law always had an on-going bouquet – I wish I had her green thumb, just saying.


  2. I love your flowers. I always like the idea of having flowers in the house but in reality I never know where to put them and I hate just plonking them down on a cluttered surface (and we don’t really have any uncluttered surfaces!)


  3. Yes I agree, flowers bring a smile and lightens up your spirits on a dull day! I always start with tulips whenever they start selling then at the super market in the winter! Love, your oldest seester, Marie!! 🙂


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