December 10, 2015

Dear Followers, Friends and Family,

Today is my last post because my list has come to an end. I want to thank all my followers, family, friends and the “blogosphere” world for being kind in all of your follows, comments and likes.

It all began because I wanted to meet Rick Mercer on my 60th birthday, a year ago today. At first it appeared I would meet him but when it didn’t, I decided I wanted to do other things and then realized I had a list.


60 things that is and then I had an idea

My list was meant to be fun, to repeat some of my favorite things, to experience new things, to set challenges for myself.

I was asked what the hardest thing was on my list to accomplish. I have to say starting the Blog as I had no idea how or where to begin. The Blogging 101 course squashed all fears on that front. Also, writing has never been my forte. When I wrote letters to my Mom while at university, she would send them back with red corrections throughout. My Mom was a teacher. Writing each post has been a challenge in itself and oh, how I wish she could have been around to read these posts!

Some things on my list were out of my control, like having the WestWing Series cancelled by Netflix. I couldn’t control the weather for skiing so switched it up and took our grandson sailing instead. The most adventurous item was going to the Central Coast on our sailboat. The most intriguing item was having my tea leaves read. The most thrilling was the extreme course at Wild Play and climbing Mount Benson. I continue to give blood on a regular basis and now work at our local Soup Kitchen every Wednesday. I continue to volunteer at various events and I am still giving things away. I was tickled pink when I sold three of my paintings to followers.

I could go on but enough to say I loved all the things I did on my list. It gave me great pleasure, satisfaction and gratification. The stories brought back so many memories. And I know I brought a smile and a giggle to some of you from time to time and that made it complete.

Thank you to those who participated in many of the things on my list. Without you it would never have happened. I especially have to thank my husband for being a great sport on so many outings and reviewing my posts from time to time. Thank goodness because the “Charline’isms” would have been rampant. I love you!

In closing, I learned a valuable lesson from this experience and that is not to procrastinate. If you can do something today, do it! Why wait? because tomorrow could be a missed opportunity.

It’s been an adventure and thank you, thank you for coming along!

Sincerely,with Warm Hugs

Charline xox



#59 – Seek out my Favourite Vancouver Island Restaurant

My husband and I love to cook but eating out is always a pleasure and an experience if you can find restaurants that don’t disappoint. My mission throughout the year was to find just that. I am listing some of my favorites for different reasons and revealing my all time number one pick.

Restaurants/Cafés/Diners I like:

Pizzeria Prima Strada in Victoria – The Funghi Pizza is to die for.

Brasserie l’École in Victoria – Best Steak Frite, no reservations, great atmosphere, always full.

The Churchill Pub in Victoria – Over 50 Craft Beer on tap. Their Kettle Chips are light and crispy and delightful with beer.

The Blue Fox in Victoria – Not one Breakfast tastes bad and served in large quantities.

 Unsworth in Mill Bay – Restaurant at the winery uses local foods with menu always changing. Always delicious.

 The Garage in Duncan – Funky Bakery and great tasting coffee.

 Willow Street Café in Chemainus – Delicious Soups served with gigantic fluffy Scones.

 Smokin’ George in Nanaimo – Great Crispy Chicken Soft Tacos that have a crunch in every bite. Restaurant was featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” and on the “Marilyn Denis Show”.

 Mon Petit Chou in Nanaimo – Best Bread Pudding made from day old chocolate croissants and sweet breads.

 Saigon Garden in Parksville – Delicious Wor Wonton Soup. The bowl is a meal in itself.

 Bare Bones in Port Alberni – Best Fish and Chips ever! The servings are huge.

Bistro 694 in Qualicum Beach – Flavourful Chicken Curry Soup.

The Qualicum Beach Inn in Qualicum – I just like the décor of the wall of glass balls by my friend Robert Held. The outdoor patio has a 180degree view of Qualicum Bay.

Ball Wall

Picture taken from Robert Held website

 Harbour Sushi in Port McNeil – Sushi is fresh, tasty, and surprisingly good.

But my all time favorite has to be Locals in Courtenay. All ingredients are purchased locally and everything on the menu is delicious, even the salads and especially the desserts. Their food is always so elegantly presented and their servers are knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. The dining experience and service are outstanding.  Locals is situated beside the Puntledge River which creates a relaxed and peaceful setting.


Picture taken from Locals website


#35 – Buy Flowers for the House

I love having flowers around the house. It’s a statement of bringing the outside in and brightens any room. I try to be creative in what I put the flowers in but I am limited to a few vases. I guess a trip to the local Thrift Shop is in order in the new year.


Flowers I have bought throughout the year

I do not have a garden because we have too many deer so I buy them at various flower shops. Just as an aside, my herb garden is thriving. The deer don’t like herbs and have left them alone.

My favorite flowers are poppies and calla lilies because of their unique shapes and brilliant colors. The poppies are free and easy where the calla lilies are sturdy and bold. Painting them is also something I enjoy.

Tante Joséphine had a beautiful garden of Tiger lilies, peonies, and daffodils to name a few. Her hedges of “Rugosa” roses were abundant, full of colour and oh so fragrant as you walked up to her front door. My grandfather, Pépère, had them growing all along the fence leading up to his house as well. These roses were also prolific hedges at the family cottage. It’s one of the reasons we named our boat “Rugosa” because they are hardy and love salt air.


More flowers