#27 – Meet a Celebrity. And what about Rick Mercer?

My idea of meeting a celebrity is how I have always done it in the past.

SuzukiLike the time the family ran into Dr. David Suzuki at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. We loved his show, “The Nature of Things”. He wasn’t receptive to us talking to him especially after learning my husband worked for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. He had a bee in his bonnet regarding some fishery and how the Department was handling the fish stock. That was the end of that infatuation.

GoldieAnother great encounter, was at the Blue Water Café in Vancouver. Goldie Hawn came in and sat at the table next to us. Of course I engaged in conversation and asked if she would join us on a girls bike trip. She had just finished a bike tour in France and her comment was “you have been eves dropping on my conversation”. I swore I hadn’t. It was such a coincidence. She giggled and we carried on for a bit until she learned that my husband was a biologist and engaged in a conversation with him. Wait a minute! Could you imagine a trip with her, the giggles and laughs!

Then there was the time I was coming around the grocery isle and literally ran into Elvis Costello and Diana Krall. Diana grew up in Nanaimo and was visiting for the holidays. She was pregnant and all I could say, “you make such a sweet couple”. Dah! Maybe if my husband had been with me, we would have had an interesting conversation.


Anyway, all to say that to date I have not run into any celebrities throughout my travels and day-to-day shopping and time is running out.

But…. I just recently received, from at least 5 friends, a notice that Rick Mercer (there he is!) coming to do a show at the Nanaimo Port Theatre. Tickets for the general public went on sale  today. I didn’t have to think twice about ordering them. The problem is I have to wait until April 6th.


I am posting this now because by December 10th the list has to be complete and the performance is being posted now so it counts. Rick is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist and author. I have lots of time to prepare myself as to what I would say if I could get backstage to meet him. The VIP tickets have been sold out but I will find a way! No doubt I would mention how this whole blog started because he stood me up on my 60th. And I will bring my husband because somehow he generates conversation!

Note: All photos taken from internet


14 thoughts on “#27 – Meet a Celebrity. And what about Rick Mercer?

  1. Well you did get a signed Happy Birthday wish form Rick Mercer once! Albeit it was on a Function Menu…but still! Your seester xo😘


  2. ha!
    I have been thinking of getting in touch with you since I heard he was coming to town!!
    ps–my painting looks awesome right where you placed it!


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