#7 – Host a Brunch

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides energy and nutrients needed to start the day and can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight. I used to eat pie for breakfast, arguing with my Mom that is was no worse then having toast and jam. So much for nutrients and a healthy start, oops.

I love brunches because it’s breakfast and lunch at the same time and you can enjoy savory and sweet treats without feeling guilty. Family brunches were a monthly occurrence while living in Nova Scotia. Some picked themes and focused their brunch around that. One time in particular, my brother-in-law did Chinese. He took some doors of their hinges and cropped them up to form a low table. I remember the food being absolutely delicious.

My daughter loves to cook and is always finding new recipes. I asked her to give me ideas for the brunch we were hosting for the golfing crowd we play with. I ended up making all the recipes she suggested and was not disappointed, nor were the invitees.

  • Sweet potato egg cups
  • Savoury bread pudding
  • Ham with bourbon, maple and pecan glaze

I included a variety of cheeses; a blue Côte D’Azur, a white cheddar and a soft brie, along with a pineapple melon plate with plain yogurt and homemade granola. Oh! and let’s not forget tasty Mimosas.

Brunch Layout

I look at brunch as a long extended coffee break with friends in the comfort of your home.


11 thoughts on “#7 – Host a Brunch

  1. HI Charline!
    Oh so good!!
    I love food anytime, and brunch seems so much better after earning it with excercize before–
    LOVE THE FERNS painting—for sale???Got a birthday boy and a house with no pics yet—!!


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