#27 – Meet a Celebrity. And what about Rick Mercer?

My idea of meeting a celebrity is how I have always done it in the past.

SuzukiLike the time the family ran into Dr. David Suzuki at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. We loved his show, “The Nature of Things”. He wasn’t receptive to us talking to him especially after learning my husband worked for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. He had a bee in his bonnet regarding some fishery and how the Department was handling the fish stock. That was the end of that infatuation.

GoldieAnother great encounter, was at the Blue Water Café in Vancouver. Goldie Hawn came in and sat at the table next to us. Of course I engaged in conversation and asked if she would join us on a girls bike trip. She had just finished a bike tour in France and her comment was “you have been eves dropping on my conversation”. I swore I hadn’t. It was such a coincidence. She giggled and we carried on for a bit until she learned that my husband was a biologist and engaged in a conversation with him. Wait a minute! Could you imagine a trip with her, the giggles and laughs!

Then there was the time I was coming around the grocery isle and literally ran into Elvis Costello and Diana Krall. Diana grew up in Nanaimo and was visiting for the holidays. She was pregnant and all I could say, “you make such a sweet couple”. Dah! Maybe if my husband had been with me, we would have had an interesting conversation.


Anyway, all to say that to date I have not run into any celebrities throughout my travels and day-to-day shopping and time is running out.

But…. I just recently received, from at least 5 friends, a notice that Rick Mercer (there he is!) coming to do a show at the Nanaimo Port Theatre. Tickets for the general public went on sale  today. I didn’t have to think twice about ordering them. The problem is I have to wait until April 6th.


I am posting this now because by December 10th the list has to be complete and the performance is being posted now so it counts. Rick is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist and author. I have lots of time to prepare myself as to what I would say if I could get backstage to meet him. The VIP tickets have been sold out but I will find a way! No doubt I would mention how this whole blog started because he stood me up on my 60th. And I will bring my husband because somehow he generates conversation!

Note: All photos taken from internet


#7 – Host a Brunch

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides energy and nutrients needed to start the day and can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight. I used to eat pie for breakfast, arguing with my Mom that is was no worse then having toast and jam. So much for nutrients and a healthy start, oops.

I love brunches because it’s breakfast and lunch at the same time and you can enjoy savory and sweet treats without feeling guilty. Family brunches were a monthly occurrence while living in Nova Scotia. Some picked themes and focused their brunch around that. One time in particular, my brother-in-law did Chinese. He took some doors of their hinges and cropped them up to form a low table. I remember the food being absolutely delicious.

My daughter loves to cook and is always finding new recipes. I asked her to give me ideas for the brunch we were hosting for the golfing crowd we play with. I ended up making all the recipes she suggested and was not disappointed, nor were the invitees.

  • Sweet potato egg cups
  • Savoury bread pudding
  • Ham with bourbon, maple and pecan glaze

I included a variety of cheeses; a blue Côte D’Azur, a white cheddar and a soft brie, along with a pineapple melon plate with plain yogurt and homemade granola. Oh! and let’s not forget tasty Mimosas.

Brunch Layout

I look at brunch as a long extended coffee break with friends in the comfort of your home.

#34 – Have “Afternoon Tea” at the Empress

Did you know that “Afternoon Tea” was started by the Duchess of Bedford in the 19th century? She had her chef prepare a little meal with tea to lessen a “sinking” feeling she would experience in the afternoon. Soon it became known as the British “Afternoon Tea”.

The Empress

The Empress Hotel Victoria BC

I was invited to an “Afternoon Tea” at the Empress Hotel in Victoria BC as a thank you for helping a friend. The Empress is a luxury hotel and renown for its “Afternoon Teas” enjoyed by royalty, celebrities and dignitaries.

The Ladies

An invite to “Afternoon Tea”

It was a simple yet elegant menu; a tower of delicate sandwiches, impressive confectionary and a plethora of tea choices. The fresh baked scones with strawberry jam and Empress cream were light, fluffy and delicious.


Setting, Tier, Tea

Considering the Empress was undergoing renovations, the Hotel managed to deliver a relaxed and entertaining afternoon. The setting was beautiful in the upper windowed foyer where every seat had a view of the harbor while an accomplished pianist played relaxing music. The 3hour Afternoon Tea was simply delightful!


We were spoiled to a delicious Prosecco that married well with dessert

I had an experience of a lifetime when I was in grade 10, a trip across Canada to Vancouver BC with our high school volleyball team. It was my first major travel experience. My mother arranged for me to meet her friend and I was invited for lunch. We went to a beautiful hotel in downtown Vancouver. I had never seen so many knives, forks and spoons at a table setting before and everyone was dressed to the nines. I followed Mrs. Bell Irving’s every move during the meal. All went well until the tea service came out.

The gentlemen server with white gloves, silver tray set with ornate tea pot, sugar cubes, brown sugar sticks, a choice of cream, milk in matching silver bowls, lemon wedges on a porcelain dish, fancy demi-tasses and dainty spoons were more than impressive. He approached me first so I dove in. Before he could ask, “Mademoiselle, what do you take in your tea?”, I grabbed a sugar cube, lemon wedge and a spot of milk and stirred everything in my tea. I knew right away I had done something wrong. The server cleared his throat and Mrs. Bell Irving held her laughter by pressing her finger to her lips. I watched the curdling come to the surface of the tea. If I stirred it, it went away. So, I drank the tea while simultaneously stirring with the spoon. And then put it down and replied, “I drink it like this all the time”.

I told this story to my Mom. She immediately picked up pen and paper. I drink my tea black now.