#24 – Make a Floral Arrangement

I am hosting the Yacht Clubs’ Ladies Luncheon this month and decided to make a floral arrangement to celebrate fall and to add decoration to the table of treats. Fall is my favorite time of year for the colors, the cool mornings and the sunny afternoons.

When I make flower arrangements, there is nothing I enjoy more then going for a walk specifically to find natural things that can be used to add interest to the arrangement. “Salal” grows wild along many of the trails I walk and is a great filler. So are twigs, leafy branches and dried ferns.  I always go to the local Thrift store to find the vases I use and without fail found a red rectangular vase for .99¢. Perfect!

Getting Started

My finds to start creating

I love creating with my hands and I think if I were to find a part time job it would be in a florist shop.

Finished Arrangement

Finished arrangement

Side View

Side view


16 thoughts on “#24 – Make a Floral Arrangement

  1. I love it Charline!. You are SO creative!
    Totally enjoyed your story about Matilda and the hair cut!HAHA.
    As they say” I’ve been there” .


  2. Charline,
    Beautiful flower arrangements. Wish you lived closer, I’d tap in into your ideas and even better, have you show me how to.


  3. Beautiful arrangement, Charline! I love the way you have different heights and colours arranged with the vase! Your Seester, Denise 🙂


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