#20 – Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

The parking lot is empty, no one in sight

Up the steps, tap the door on the right.

My cause today, is one worthwhile

I’m welcomed, a handshake, a smile.


I’m shown the kitchen, utensils and safety

Tasked to make a salad so fresh and tasty.

Given an apron, a knife and a bowl

With donated food, that is my goal.


15 volunteers all in good cheer

To prepare a meal, serve and clear.

Doors swing open just at eleven

Thank the Lord, our God in heaven.


They come from here and from there

Maybe they come from nowhere.

Some lonely, some together, some with child

Some eager, some meek, others mild.


They sit, they chat, and eat peacefully

Appreciate the warm meal lovingly.

They leave with a loaf and a few sweet treats

Say thank you and head back to the streets.


I’m blessed, I’m grateful for all I own

No reason for me to bemoan.

I’m glad I can lend this helping hand

For those less fortunate and in demand.


17 thoughts on “#20 – Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

  1. Nice poem, it will be fun to join you this week. It always feels good to help people that have less than you! Your Seester!


  2. hi charline!
    I help with Loaves and Fishes every second tuesday–I find it rewarding to give my time, which is the most precious thing that I can give.
    I think you will love it and find a whole new perspective on how your presence and food feed the soul, whether at your table or a table elsewhere–


  3. Oh my gosh, my girlfriend the POET now. Fantastic so enjoyed your poem and STORY.
    I love my work with the Special Olympics, so know the feeling Charline.
    Helping someone less fortunate, just makes you feel so good.
    Keep up the great work gal.


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