#31 – Vote for a Liberal

Monday October 19, 2015, I voted. I hope all eligible Canadians do too.

My father was a staunch Liberal and I remember going around the neighborhood with him handing out pins and pamphlets for the Liberal candidate. It was an easy sell because the majority were all Liberal supporters, until we got to “Matilda’s” house, the hairdresser. She spoke a mean streak and her and Dad would get into some pretty heated discussions. She was my hairdresser and the more she talked, the more she cut. I would go in for a trim and come out looking like a boy.

In the last few elections, the Northeastern riding in the Acadian Peninsula has been won by the NDP. I’m sure Dad has turned over in his grave.

Politics are not my forte but I do think the Americans have it right. After 2 consecutive runs of 4 years, the President has to step down. Not like in Canada.

I will be glued to the TV watching the results and I hope they won’t announce a winner before all ballots are counted across Canada. It has happened in the past after voting was over in Ontario.

I really want the government to change. And I know, “Just…. T…. he man”.

Oh Canada



14 thoughts on “#31 – Vote for a Liberal

  1. Pretty exciting that so many people are voting in this election! I voted strategically this time as I just don’t want a Conservative seat elected. Change is in the air and, collectively, Canadians are desirous of a return to the compassionate, optimistic, decent Canada that has been absent for the past 10 years!


  2. The Acadian Peninsula was always, for as far as I can remember very Liberal until NDP arrived.
    In those days, and all in the same breath, if you were Liberal, you were a Montreal Canadian and an Expo fan. I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?
    Tonight will be a very exciting evening to watch TV.


  3. Good on ya…. to remind everyone to get out there AND VOTE.
    We were early birds, who lined up for a long time, but it was worth it.
    We are lucky to live in a country where we can vote!


  4. hi charline!
    I am challenged to find a party that meets all my criteria for everything this election, but eventually voted with the heart—
    We are so privileged to have the freedoms of movement, speech and a right to choose–
    the poll station in departure bay is rockin’ today!


  5. I swear to God, that all the students from St. Thomas and UNB campus came out to vote! It was a very long day…as I was a Supervisor for both Advance Polls and Election Day!! The Liberal candidate won in all the Polls in the Fredericton area, by a good majority! Way to go Liberals!! 🙂 Glad its over!!

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