#28 – Bike to Courtenay

I challenged myself at the end of my first year at university to bike home from Fredericton to Caraquet – 290 kilometers or 180 miles. My high school volleyball coach said I couldn’t do it. My teammate who also lived in Caraquet and went to UNB was game to ride too. It took us 2 days. Luckily my oldest sister was working in Chatham NB at the time, which is a little more than half way, and we stayed with her for the night. When we rode into Caraquet, we went directly to our coach’s house to prove we had just completed the trip. I remember him standing there, looking at us, shaking his head and being totally impressed.

I have always wanted to ride around Prince Edward Island but never have. I have always wanted to participate in a “Tour of Something” and haven’t signed up for that yet. So it is no surprise that I added a long bike ride on my list. I chose Courtenay on Vancouver Island because you can ride the back roads with less traffic and the scenery is beautiful along the water.

First stop

First stop Union Bay to repair flat and take in scenery

We rode in reverse (same difference) from Courtenay to Parksville for 2 reasons, 1) our drive was only available in the morning and 2) psychologically it’s easier to ride towards home then away from home.

Qualicum trail

Qualicum Beach Trail

The trip was 84 kilometers or 52 miles and it took us 5 hours. The actual bike time was more like 4 hours because we had to stop twice to repair flat tires, a half hour lunch, some quick shopping and picture taking along the route. It was another glorious fall day with lots of sunshine, little wind, traffic steady but kind. The trip rounded up with a cold one at our local pub, The Black Goose.


Enjoying a cold one at The Black Goose

Cycling on Vancouver Island is the best!


23 thoughts on “#28 – Bike to Courtenay

  1. It was a great day and I’m glad I was able to do it with you! A hot bath and a “cocktail of loveliness” was all I needed last night! This morning I feel great but I wouldn’t want to try sitting on my bike….Until the next adventure! Your seester, xo


  2. Not sure if there is a way to bike ” around” PEI but there is a beautiful trail from tip to tip. You can make it as fast as you want or stay overnight along the way and take your time.So much to see and do. You can add this tour to your next ” bucket list” Charline and we may join you!


  3. What a wonderful blog…both in content and in form. I’ve been 60, and enjoyed every minute. That was two decades ago… one thing though, you are definitely on the right track enjoying life. 🙂


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