#22 – Ride a Zip Line

My husband didn’t want to join me on this one and neither did my daughter but my son-in-law was totally game and eager to try this out.

We arrived early which gave us time to walk around and take a good look at what Wild Play was all about. I was puzzled at first because I thought we were just going to ride zip lines. This was an obstacle course nestled high up in the trees. It reminded me of the “Amazing Race”.

Monkey Pants

Monkey pants


We were fitted with our Monkey Pants and given a learner course. You couldn’t move onto the actual course until you proved you knew how to stay safe. We passed with flying colors and off we went.


At first the obstacles were low to the ground and apparatus evenly spaced out. As we progressed, the obstacles became harder and more challenging as we climbed higher into the trees.


Navigating poles and slamming into cargo net

The zip lines were short and sweet at first but as we got higher they became longer and faster. What a thrill with arms extended, back and legs straight out, as you whizzed down the line. It helped to bend your knees slightly as you punched the safety bag on the platform to come to a stop.

Hanging on

Riding the zip line and hanging on

We completed the Classic Course and then proceeded to the Extreme Course – higher and harder. Not for the faint of heart. The logs swung more and were not as evenly spaced. The cargo nets were more challenging and the apparatus were such that you had to look down. Oh gosh! Yikes!


Obstacles on the Classic and Extreme courses


More obstacles

I was glad for the last zipline that brought us back to the base where it all started. I found the uneven logs spaced out vertically and horizontally the hardest. My son-in-law found the cargo nets the biggest rush. We both loved the challenge and the 2 hours it took to complete the courses went by like a flash.

The billboard advertised “Primal Fun and Games”. I think my son-in-law summed it up when he said, “I think primal is appropriate because you are exercising your inner monkey”. How true after playing on ladders, cargo nets, wobbly bridges and logs, riding the zip lines and swinging from the trees like Tarzan.

I had just completed the hike on Mount Benson where my quads were still sore from that experience, now my arms and core are sore. I guess that makes me a total sore package. Well worth it and we both would do it again!


16 thoughts on “#22 – Ride a Zip Line

  1. Yup, that Wild Play is certainly a challenge and good for a giggle or two as well! ha. One more thing to check off your list Charlene. Now, can you take a day or so to just chill? Your body might dictate what you get up to in the next few days! 🙂


  2. I did this with Jenna and my nephew a couple of years ago. So glad I took my cycling gloves for the climbing part! The “punching bag” stop as you move to the next level was a real jolt but flying through the trees was great fun!

    You’ve sure had an eventful, exciting and exhilarating year thus far. Good on you!


  3. Thanks for your description of Wild Play. I can’t wait to take our grand kids!
    We did a zip line in Belize, Central America, thru the forest. It was a challenge, but truly a thrill as you described. Keep on trekking Charline, love hearing about your experiences.


  4. Good for you!! Isn’t it fun? I’ve done it 3 times here in Fredericton, and each time, it was a blast!! Glad you had a thrill at it!! You should of had “Para-sailing” on your bucket list!! I did it twice in my 60’s, and it’s awesome!! 🙂

    Love, your oldest sister!!


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