#32 – Finish the West Wing Series

How do I tag this item as “finished” when on May 9th Netflix cancelled the series! Noooo!!! … What’s with that! I was so close to finishing the last episodes in the 7th season. I will never know how the characters’ lives unfold and how the story line ends. I delayed posting hoping they would bring it back, but alas, to no end.


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It’s one of the disadvantages of Netflix – series come and go. On the positive side, there are many series to choose from and it is not uncommon to binge and watch 2-3 episodes in a row, commercial free when a series really catches your interest.

What I enjoyed most about the West Wing series was the various issues that pitted Republicans against Democrats and how relevant these were during previous presidencies. (The West Wing began in 1999). I can’t imagine working in such chaos and how anyone can get any work done when meetings are scheduled all day. Does the President ever sleep? Is there any privacy? And the Press!

I liked all the main characters and the actors that portrayed them;

  • Bartlet (Martin Sheen),
  • Josh (Bradley Whitford),
  • CJ (Allison Janney),
  • Leo (John Spencer),
  • Toby (Richard Shiff),
  • Donna (Janel Moloney),
  • Charlie (Dulé Hill),
  • Sam (Rob Lowe).

As in all series, characters come and go too. I was disappointed when Sam left, but his replacement Will (Joshua Molina) grew into the part and added new twists. I thought the introduction of Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) was brilliant and how his character came alive. I’m guessing he became the next president.



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It was great to see so many episodes with guest appearances; Mathew Perry, John Goodman, Jane Lynch, Eric Stonestreet to name a few. In my opinion, the series had value and portrayed a realistic work and life environment in the West Wing. On a few occasions, the episode was a documentary format that included past presidents, press secretaries and senior staff. They elaborated on how the White House worked and how the series was very close to reality.

Politics has never been my thing. However, Americans have it right. After 2 consecutive runs of 4 years, the President has to step down. Not like in Canada. I find it hard to fathom the ongoing jostling for positions for the American Presidency that carries out year round. That’s a lot of money being spent on marketing yourself and campaigning.



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