#21 – Give Something to Someone Who Needs it More Then Me

My aunts on my mother’s side were excellent quilters. They owned a quilt frame and spent many a night telling stories while hand stitching quilts. Their closets were full and I am pleased I have received quite a few over the years. They are keepsakes as my aunts are now deceased.


When my aunt Marie learned we were building a cottage, she made 3 quirky quilts with leftover material. She referred to our cottage as the “camp”. While cleaning, I found them wrapped in tissue in protective bags. They are in excellent condition because they were hardly ever used.

Camp Quilts

My sister was visiting us while we were at the cottage and in conversation she mentioned that the Fredericton Homeless Shelter Sheltercould use some blankets. I thought this would be a great donation and sent them off with her. After the blankets were delivered, my sister called to let me know that the manager was thrilled and so thankful of the donation. The shelter has been constantly busy with over 27 men each night. Donations such as these come in very handy.

I like giving – gifts, my time when volunteering, articles others can use. This giving is something that will bring warmth to many who live on the streets and who have very little.




19 thoughts on “#21 – Give Something to Someone Who Needs it More Then Me

  1. Every night that a homeless person lays down with one of these quilts just know they are being blanketed with love and caring by you and your aunt. ❤️


  2. Looking at the beautiful quilts reminded me that my paternal grandmother used to make quilts also. Growing up, I had one on my bed for many years. Thanks for the good memory. Also congrats on almost accomplishing the challenges you have given yourself and keeping us in the loop.


  3. So happy to have been able to do this for you! The Manager was very appreciative of your donation! Someone has a smile and warmth of those blankets!! 🙂 Love Denise


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