#56 – Go Apple Picking

It is a true sign of fall when orchards are open to one and all to pick rich, ripe, juicy apples.

The vine

When our kids were young, apple picking was always a fall ritual. We would pack a picnic and head to either Nova Scotia to the Annapolis Valley or to the Cocagne area better known as the Pays de la Saquine in New Brunswick in search of the best apple orchards. Regardless of where we went the results were the same, exploring new places while on a road trip, picking apples, climbing trees, filling baskets and being outdoors in the warm fall sunshine. When family lived close by, it would be followed by a day of making pies and freezing them for the winter.

When I put this on my list, I had no idea where I would pick apples on Vancouver Island but I knew I wanted to experience the pleasure of apple picking again.

We were just recently in New Brunswick and passing through the Cocagne area. We came upon the “Verger Goguen” and they were open. “STOP THE CAR! I can’t pass this up, we have to pick apples!” I exclaimed.


Verger Goguen and Farm Produce

Tina and Armand gave us a basket and told us the varieties available and where to pick. I have my favorites, Gravenstein for cooking and Macintosh for eating. Since the above mentioned were not quite ripe, Melba’s were recommended for both.


Weighing apples with Tina and Armand

It didn’t take long to pick a 28lb basket. The trees were overflowing with apples. Most were easily reached from the ground but those at the top were red and appealing. How close can I get that ladder to reach the cream of the crop?


In the orchard

Since I can’t bring these home, I have been giving them to family and friends. But not before making 2 delicious pies for a family dinner of 11.  And true to Armand’s word, the Melba’s made excellent tasty pies.


Apple Pies


19 thoughts on “#56 – Go Apple Picking

  1. Ah yes, apple picking was a favourite time with our two boys as well in the Fredericton area!

    Your pies look delicious!! Too bad I wasn’t closer to the cottage for a sample!! 🙂 Love Denise


  2. Wow, you’re really flying through your 60 list. So much achieved. I love all kinds of fruit picking, but there is something special about apples. They seem to be the best companion for all other autumn fruits. Those pies look so appetising!
    What have you found the hardest to accomplish on the list, or feel you might be putting off?


    • Nothing really but sometimes finding the right time is difficult to accomplish some of the items. I have another few months to finish off the remaining 17 on the list. All doable. My last post will reflect what I’ve learned. Stay tuned.


  3. My Grandmother made amazing pies however I never followed in her footsteps , when you are finally home you will have to give a lesson please !


  4. Charline!!!! Your pic of the apples on the branch — O. M. G. Stunning……
    When Brad and I lived in Cathers Lake there was an apple orchard on Westwood Rd. So much fun taking Meg there as a wee one. They also sold jugs of unpasteurized apple juice. Unfortunately, we have been having ‘Apple picking’ weather here– it’s been raining like mad with cool temps.
    Enjoy the sunshine !! See you soon


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