#30 – Mystery Thing: A Tour Down Memory Lane

NB MapWe are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this year and decided to take a tour down memory lane and visit the province of New Brunswick as a side trip while at the cottage in Nova Scotia.

It started by driving the back roads of New Brunswick through the small village of Memramcook. My husband persevered a 9 month French emersion course as part of his job requirement back in the late 80’s. The place hasn’t changed and remains the small quaint village it was back then.

Saint John was our first destination, my husbands’ hometown. The highlight here was playing golf with his brother and sister and 2 close friends at the Riverside Country Club in Rothesay, NB. This is a private club but they welcomed us with open arms because of strong family connections with the club. My husband’s parents were members there for many years and his Dad served a term as president. I remember playing a round of golf here with my father–in-law. His approach to golf was simple; hit straight down the fairway off the tee, followed by a great second shot, chip shot close to the hole, then sink the putt. Easy! On this day, we enjoyed the most brilliant sunshine and the view of the Kennebecassis River. The golf was????, the day was glorious. We stayed at an excellent B&B called “Shadow Lawn” and enjoyed the most amazing meal at their restaurant the “Robertson’s”. The visit to Saint John would not have been complete without a drive past the old homestead and a browse through the City Market.

Saint John

Riverside Golf Course overlooking the Kennebecassis River, Dinner at “Robertson’s”, Saint John City Market

From Saint John, we proceeded to St. Andrews NB. This is where we met. We were both working for the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Walking down Main Street, I recollected when he asked me, “Do you own a “Homeownership Plan”?” Not wanting to sound ill informed, I said, “Yes, I am working on it”. I called my parents later that day and asked what a “Homeownership” was. My Dad asked me, “Who asked you that?” I told him, “This guy I met.” He replied, “Marry him”.

St. Andrews

Downtown St. Andrews, St. Andrews Blockhouse National Historical Site

From St. Andrews, we visited my sister in Fredericton. My sister loves having family and you can’t drive by Fredericton without stopping in. We also had a chance to visit with an elderly aunt on my father’s side. I went to UNB here and got my BSc degree in Computer Science. I just had to take a peak. The university has changed with new buildings and ever growing facilities while the city gets bigger.


UNB Campus – Photo courtesy of UNB Fredericton

The trip continued from the South end of the province to the North end into Caraquet NB, where I grew up. My oldest brother managed to get 4 of us together for a family dinner. The only one missing was my youngest sister. My family talks loud at gatherings. The voice decibels rise as the evening progresses, amidst the laughs and reminiscing on the good old days. Especially our father’s adventures that always had a funny story behind them. A visit to Caraquet most often includes a great “Pâté à la Râpure” dinner. Close friends hosted and we were not disappointed.  In case you missed that post read #43 –Acadian Dinner – Pâté à la Râpure. It’s been 6 years since I’ve been home and so much has changed especially the homesteads of my grandparents, Tante Joséphine and our home. Trying to squeeze all that I wanted to see and do in a period of 48 hours was impossible.


Grandparents, Tante Joséphine, My Home – Photos by PHendry

We proceeded to Moncton NB. We lived in Moncton and Riverview for a total of 6 years. In Barachois, we visited my favorite cousin. We are the same age and have lots in common. She and I enjoy good wine and have been known to make a dent in her husband’s best Cognac.

Giant Lobster

Giant Lobster in Shédiac NB en route to Barachois

A final side trip across the Confederation Bridge to PEI to visit an old school chum rounded up the trip.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge – Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

After a week on the road, we returned to the cottage. It was one of the best road trips we have done in awhile. The memories, the laughs, catching up with friends and the many changes in each place along the way was well worth the ~1,500 km put on the rental car. I’m grateful for Skype and FaceTime but there is nothing better then being with loved ones in person.




25 thoughts on “#30 – Mystery Thing: A Tour Down Memory Lane

  1. It was so nice to see you after 6 years – and also to have the opportunity to meet your husband – hope the trip back to the main land was uneventful and that you were able to enjoy the peaceful drive along the red shores.


  2. ok, when do you ever slow down?? DON”T!!!
    I love reading about your adventures and live them through your writing–happy anniversary!


  3. Wow.. family is everything.. as good “friends” thru the years.
    We just did a re-connect, after 40 years, with our AMAH of Hong Kong days, many fabulous memories.
    It was magical..
    Have a fab rest of your trip & “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”. So enjoying your BLOG.. hi Al!


  4. I love having the family visit!!! Thank you Charline and Alan for stopping in Fredericton! Reminiscing with family and close friends brings back memories of our childhood and adventures over the years!! It’s important to hang on to this! Glad you had a great trip down Memory Lane!!
    Love Denise 🙂


  5. After reading your blog, I am amazed to see how many friends and family you met, and places where you went. It must have been a very memorable trip. Congratulations and it was so nice to talk to you and your sister.
    Good thing Theo is not around to find out you got lost driving to PEI!!!
    We would never hear the end of that!!


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