#50 – Call in on “CBC Radio Noon” Show

Have you ever tried to call in on a radio show, tried to be the 8th caller or tried to qualify for a contest? I just wanted to be part of something simple and call the “CBC Radio Noon” show and partake in the question and answer period on whatever topic was presented on that particular day.

I learned it was not the easiest thing to do. I have been working on this for sometime now. If the line is busy, you are out of luck. Others have beaten you to it. Sometimes you get through but you are not guaranteed of making the broadcast because they have run out of time. The other issue is that you don’t always want to call because the topic of the day may be of no interest to you.


Elizabeth Pierce’s book available on Amazon

We were driving along the Sunrise Trail, the start of our New Brunswick tour, and listening to the “CBC Maritime Noon” show. This is the East Coast equivalent of the Radio Noon show on the West Coast. The host, Norma Lea McLeod had a guest host, Elizabeth Pierce who has just published her book “You Can Too – Canning, Pickling and Preserving the Maritime Harvest”.

After listening to the show for a half an hour and most questions related to tomatoes I told my husband I was going to try and call. “What will your question be?” he asked. “I don’t know, I’ll think of something”. I called the 1 -800 number and to my surprise my call was answered.

The host introduced me, “Charline, driving along Tatamagouche, is on the line with a question about preserving. What would you like to ask Elizabeth, Charline?”

“Hi. My father used to make Herbes Salées, have you heard of it?” I asked.

“No”, she said, “What is it?”

“I remembered a mason jar of green onions in the fridge. They were salted and pickled somehow but I can’t remember exactly how it was prepared”.

“What was it used for?” Elizabeth asked.

“My Dad used it in soups, chowders and when making fish stews. It added so much flavor in the cooking”.

“When I get home, I will have to look through my France cookbooks to see if I can find a recipe. This intrigues me. I hope I can get in touch with you if I find anything of interest”, she replied.

After our conversation, a few more callers came through and knew exactly what I was talking about and how it was prepared.



Vivian from Clare, a French Village in southwest Nova Scotia, said that it was a known pickling tradition with Acadians and used in soups and chowders. Basically it was cut up green onions layered with lots of salt and placed into mason jars. It would keep in the fridge for up to a year. Another gentlemen sent in an email and confirmed the same thing. Elizabeth was delighted and hoped that I was still listening. Of course I was!

As we drove, I received an email from a friend at the cottage who had heard me on the show. Her comment was that she was no expert but she knew how to google and sent me a link! I have since found other Acadians and fellow bloggers who have posted the recipe. I was pretty pleased with the interaction my call generated and as soon as I get home, I’m going to make a jar or two.


6 thoughts on “#50 – Call in on “CBC Radio Noon” Show

  1. Oh Charline, I missed your call, as I was listening to Maritime Noon yesterday, but shut the radio off, as I wasn’t interested in Pickling!! I do remember those jars in the fridge!! It gave a very tasty flavour to dad’s cooking! Nice memories!!

    Oldest seester! 🙂

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