#60 – Enjoy a Bottle of Wine on a Beach

I never imagined that the beach I would enjoy a bottle of wine on would be at Melmerby Beach. You see, we live on Canada’s West Coast and Melmerby Beach is on the East Coast.


Melmerby Beach, New Glasgow Nova Scotia

Melmerby Beach was our summer stomping grounds. My husband grew up there as a kid and our kids followed suit until we moved when they were teenagers.

The “Melmerby” was a tragic story. In 1890, the “Melmerby”, a double masted square rigged sailing vessel, 207 feet in length carrying a cargo of white pine timber destined from Quebec to Scotland, encountered a severe weather storm. It perished to the seas and winds off the shores of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Locals formed a human chain to salvage 16 mariners attempting to get to shore. All but one person perished.


The Wreck of the Melmerby – October 12, 1890

Melmerby Beach was named for this vessel, and the beach celebrated its 125th anniversary this year. I’m proud to say that my brother-in-law has kept the memory alive and organized a commemorative ceremony to celebrate the anniversary on the history of how the beach got its name.

The beach is ever changing. Winds bring in sands one day, stones the next, surf, waves then calm. On this day, the weather was warm, seas calm, water inviting. The resident cottage-goers were enjoying the beach with many kids playing and enjoying the last of summer on this Labor Day weekend prior to returning to the fall schedule of school and back to work.

I am enjoying this bottle of wine with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Cheers to both of them because they have been a godsend in keeping our cottage in good shape. Who better than the two of them to enjoy a bottle of wine with.





9 thoughts on “#60 – Enjoy a Bottle of Wine on a Beach

  1. So cool!! Glad you were able to have that nice bottle of wine at the beach, while you are at your cottage! Left one day too soon I guess!! 😦
    Oldest seester! 🙂


  2. What a great way to spend an afternoon with Jane and Glenn! They are such a nice couple. And to think that perhaps we might have been there with you had our maritime trip not been cancelled, boo hoo…


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