#26 – Go on a Picnic

I’m sure when someone says the word “picnic” a vision of what that is, comes to mind. The word “Pique Nique” is a 17th – century French word and simply means a meal where everyone brings food and eats outdoors.


I love picnics on a camping trip, out on a boat, being in a field or on a picnic table at some rest stop. Somehow food just tastes better. My Mom always had a roasted chicken on her picnics, especially on the many summer road trips we took from Ontario to New Brunswick. I would love to crash an “al fresco” someday, anywhere in Italy. That would be the ultimate picnic.

I’m settling for the next best thing. A picnic with our close friends from the “Merb” on “Large Marge the Party Barge” in Moon Cove at Merigomish Harbour.

The Barge

Large Marge the Party Barge

After a pleasant “randonnée” in the different coves, Black Hall Gut, Moon Cove, Quarry Island, we settled for our picnic. The sun was shining, the food was scrumptious, the beer was cold, and the water inviting.

Picnic Food

We eventually rafted with other friends on their sailboat and motorboat. These kids, who are now grown up into beautiful young adults were our kids’ best friends. And age for them does not matter as long as everyone is having a good time.


12 thoughts on “#26 – Go on a Picnic

  1. The pictures sure look inviting! Looks like you’re having a great time and hooking up with such a fun-loving group of friends. Nice! xx


  2. Ok— Marge the Party Barge!!!! O. M. G. Haul her back here!!!
    That is just the BEST!!
    Kim–Karen– Rene…. Did you see this post ?!?!?
    Charline — ❤️❤️❤️you xo


  3. Looks yummy and fun!! Was that the MacIntosh’s boat??

    I sure remember having the picnics with mom and dad. We had “Sunday Picnics”, which took place at the Ontario Provincial Park where we all played in the sand dunes and swam!! Those were the good old days!! 🙂

    Love your oldest seester!


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