#3 – Take Grandson Sailing

His Mom loves to ski and his Dad loves to sail. We like doing both. Since there was no snow on our local mountain this year and I doubt we will get our grandson out skiing later this year, we decided to take him sailing instead. After all, it’s all about having a get-a-way weekend with our grandson, spending time doing fun things together and introducing him to sports we did with our kids.

The weekend weather did not cooperate but we managed to get a day sail in. Our grandson was so excited and nothing dampened his spirits and excitement of being the newly appointed 1st mate sailing the good ship Rugosa. Not even the swell from the 30knot wind the day before or choppy seas.

Before leaving the wharf, the crew had to swab the decks from the early morning rain. “Ahoy, all hands on deck” our grandson chants, “Report to Captain”.


Getting Ready

He is so inquisitive and eager to help. He needs to know what everything does and why, from the navigational instruments to all the fasteners on the hatches. He listens to the radio and imitates the Coast Guard calls. He laughs at hearing a boat called “Banana Peal”. In no time, he finds his sea legs and by instinct straddles, feet apart, while he walks inside the cabin. Not easy when the boat is rocking.

He is a natural sailor. He took control of the wheel, sailed a straight line and did a perfect tack. How exciting! We sailed back and forth, visiting the various islands within Schooner Cove watching the eagles and the seals.

Captain and 1st mate

Captain and 1st Mate

After being all over the boat, helping with lines, going up and down from the cabin to the cockpit, he settled and fell asleep. Fresh air and blowing wind did him in. My husband and I doused the sails, motored back to the marina, tied up all the while he was fast asleep.



That evening we heard his rendition of Coast Guard calls over a marina and fleet of boats made of Lego.



10 thoughts on “#3 – Take Grandson Sailing

  1. Charles will never forget the times he spends with you and Alan – how special! Nice for you that he is taking to sailing too – I see lots of trips you’ll share together in the future!


  2. What fun! How lucky Charles is to have grandparents who are so active and also eager to share their “activities” with him. Here’s to building beautiful memories❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what luck lucky grandparents and what a lucky lucky boy!!!!
    You are providing dreams that may one day grow into other bigger dreams and projects-
    Time is one thing that can never be replaced and you have given him the best time for dreaming!


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