#41 – Attend a Sports Event

I am a huge sports fan. When I was young, I watched all sports on TV and secretly whished I could do them all. I’m convinced I learned how to play golf and curl by watching the pros.

Growing up, our town did not have much in terms of sport facilities. Before they built the arena, kids helped clear the outdoor skating rink to play hockey and broom ball. Our high school gymnasium was the size of an official volleyball court. I remember attending tournaments in bigger cities with gyms that held 4 courts. That was something.

Pan FB

It’s a real treat now to live on the West Coast where we can attend top end professional sporting events. The Maritime Provinces have always been deprived of the big leagues. There has never been any major team of any kind, be it football, baseball, hockey, soccer or basketball.

Last Thursday my husband and I went to Vancouver and attended a CFL football game between the BC Lions and the Edmonton Eskimos at BC Place. Currently, Edmonton is on top of the leader board in the west division. We chose this event because we both enjoy football. We keep track of both the CFL and NFL, especially during playoffs leading to the Grey Cup and Super Bowl respectively. My husband is a huge Calgary Stampede fan and I, a Montreal Allouette fan. At this game, we cheered for the hometown team.FlagGame1

We enjoy live sports but sitting inside this building, after being in the wilderness for almost 2 months, was a bit overwhelming and very noisy. There is way too much distraction; cheerleaders, music, a drum section, prizes being shot into the crowd and crazy fans getting you to cheer louder and make even more noise. At the same time, it was fun to take in the pre-game events and watch the game without commercial breaks. It’s colorful, alive and you definitely get into the game more. “Touchdown” and everyone is on their feet cheering and yelling.

Game2Most of the game seesawed back and forth, with the odd touchdown and convert. Eskimos were leading by the half 23 – 10. Lions had to come out stronger and start completing their passes if they wanted to get on the scoreboard. At the 3minute mark in the 4th quarter, Eskimos were in the driver’s seat. BC had possession but threw an interception. Fans were leaving looking dejected.

RoofThe Lions got possession of the ball again and quarterback, Travis Lulay threw a pass to Andrew Harris, “touchdown!” They finished it off with a 2 point conversion giving them the win or at least get them into overtime should Eskimos respond with a 3 point kick. No such luck, ball is intercepted and Lions take possession again and that’s all she wrote. [Lions 26 – Eskimos 23]

Like the saying goes, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”.

Too bad those fans left because the last 3 minutes were the best part of the game.


7 thoughts on “#41 – Attend a Sports Event

  1. hi charline!
    I went to a calgary stampeders game for the first time last year with Jeff and my family, arriving right from the airport to the stadium because of a flight delay–Jeff has never forgotten the tailgate barbques that happened, and I think he liked the idea of the comraderie that the whole event created–and for me–I needed to do a recon of the bathrooms just to get warm!!
    loved hearing your voice on the answering machine the other day!


  2. I like the pic of you holding your sign!! I am a couch sports fan for the most part. If I didn’t have the close ups and comments and perspective of the tv cameras I would be totally lost at an American Football game. Going to the occassional Red Sox game is definitely fun though! And my husband never leaves early cause of just that….the last 3 minutes can be the best of the night!


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