#48 – Fly in a 2-Seater Plane

My friend Dave is a pilot. He just retired after 36 years of service with Air Canada. We have many things in common but one is that we worked for the same company. I was a flight attendant during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. I didn’t know him then but maybe we flew together at some point.

Dave and I

Photo op before take off

Dave’s passion is planes. He co-owns a 2-seater Glasair Super II RG made of fiberglass and composite. He is also building an aluminum Van’s RV-8. Both planes have the same type of engine, a Lycoming IO-360.

I got strapped in like a race car driver, went through the pre-flight checklist and down the runway we went.  I’m glad I am not tall or plump as I filled the tiny passenger seat.



We climbed to 6500 ASL (above sea level) at 114 knots. What a great sensation. It’s like having your own wings and flying like a bird. I did not feel comfortable when he let me handle the controls. I was too short to see over the dash and couldn’t see where I was going. I was just fine looking and snapping pictures.


View from my seat. Up!

We did a maneuver called “Wing Over”. The nose goes up and then down slightly as the plane rotates 180° on the right wing and continues in the opposite direction. We executed the move on both sides.

We flew over our homes, the Schooner Cove Marina, the Fairwinds Golf Course and Mount Arrowsmith. I didn’t realize Mount Arrowsmith had a lake at the top. I wonder if there are any fish? I was shocked to see how much clear cutting occurs on the island. The good thing is that the lime green colour shows new growth. I particularly liked seeing part of the vast amount of water we just covered on our sailing trip and the many trails we use on our runs.


Schooner Cove Marina


Fairwinds Golf Course

We slowly descended, dropping altitude and lined up for the Qualicum runway. The landing is smooth. You would think he knows what he is doing. As you can see from the pictures it was a perfect clear day for flying.

Thank you Captain Dave


12 thoughts on “#48 – Fly in a 2-Seater Plane

  1. Wow.. glad you had such a fabulous day.
    I remember my first flight ,when Dwayne got his pilots’ license. He too… took me up in a small plane like Davids’ . Thanks “Captain Dave” for Dwayne’s chance for a great flight also.
    Next…. I can see you Charline getting your LICENSE.. next on your list??


  2. That was fun Charline ! Perfect day for it also. Nice pictures! I love the one of the marina, looking down the wing .. Cool effect! We will do it again sometime. 😎


  3. Hey my Seester, great shots and nice weather to fly. Reminds me when I went up with my friend Mikey in Halifax. He had to practice stalls…could have done without those! Glad you had fun! Love P&P xo


  4. Wow, what a fun time you must have had! 🙂 Also interesting to get an aerial view of your neighbourhood and you certainly captured some detail. It was just the perfect day for a ride in the sky! xx


  5. Hi Charline!
    I can totally picture you as a airline stewardess ( as I used to want to be one!)
    I get so airsick that I will just look here for more great pics!


  6. Well Charline, you certainly had a beautiful day for flying, and your pictures prove it!! I almost went into the Airline Stewardship, but didn’t! I’ve also had the chance on going up in a 2 seater plane with my sons, ages ago, over the Fredericton area! Pretty neat!! Glad you were able to go up!!
    Love, your oldest seester!


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