#12 – Read at Least 6 Books

I am old fashioned. I love to hold a book and turn the pages. I particularly like to see how I progress by looking at the seam of my book for the amount of pages I’ve read. I have a favorite chair I like to sit in and usually with a cup of tea. I am turning into my Mother! Of late, I have been reading on our boat because we are in the middle of nowhere with no TV or radio. It’s been wonderful!

Library Rugosa

Library on Rugosa

I have quite a few favorite books but will limit to mentioning these:

  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • The Book Thief by Mrkus Zusak
  • The Help by Kathyrn Stockett
  • The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
  • The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani
  • The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (I had a lot to say about this book in my note book)

I enjoy reading about athletes, artists, professionals and politicians. I am particularly interested in reading people’s biographies. My favorite was “The Friendly Dictatorship by Jeffrey Simpson about Jean Chrétien (former Canadian Prime Minister). By the time I ended that book, my mouth was crooked and the voice in my head sounded just like him as I read.

Reading has made me sit quietly and enjoy what others have to say. I really get into the characters, the story line, the history and try to figure out how the author thinks.


Books read so far during our trip on Rugosa

In case you didn’t read #25 – Host a Book Club Meeting, I have a notebook that I keep with titles and authors of books I have read. I jot down interesting passages, new words, and whatever catches my eye worth remembering about the book. I’m particularly pleased that I have read 6+ additional books on top of those chosen in book club. It’s been a great year of reading so far and it’s not over yet!


6 thoughts on “#12 – Read at Least 6 Books

  1. Looking forward to our next books , but as you say filling in the gaps with extras is very satisfying especially with a cup of tea & a cookie or two !


  2. I agree … there is nothing like a “real BOOK” in ones’ hands. I actually went to the library to get our next book club read “IN BOOK FORM” and I must say I am enjoying it more than reading it on my e-reader.
    Good on ya.. now you can introduce some good reads for us all to enjoy. Missing you guys… happy sailing!


  3. That’s quite an array of interesting books with such a varied range of subjects, good for you to take the time to indulge in some quiet time! Sounds very relaxing….


  4. Wish I had the time to read this summer, but with my grandson home for a visit, I’ll put it off for the Fall

    You would definitely have some quiet time to read on the boat. Good for you to be able to get your reading in Charline! It would be fun just relaxing with the boat rocking slightly!
    Love, your seester!! xx oo


  5. I agree … there is nothing like a “real BOOK” you should check out Boston Girl by Anita Diamant something tells me you may enjoy it much as I did


  6. Yeah, I read The Alchemist…beautiful story. I agree with you about reading a book, a real book with pages and a cover and binding….living abroad it is easier to get books in english via my ipad….which I do like carrying around 50 books under my wing, so there is a pro to the digital book but I find I don’t remember authors as easily, I miss seeing the cover to a book, which gives you the overall flavor of the story….happy reading and sailing!


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