Eaten Alive

We were told to bring bug spray but we didn’t think it would be this bad. The sun has come out on the Central Coast bringing “horse flies”. Why??? There are no horses in sight. They should be renamed “bear flies”. That, I could accept. Speaking of bears, we have seen traces but no actual sightings.

We have tried everything from burning coils to blowing up make shift hornets’ nests thinking they would be deterred by this, applying every lotion we own and just plain swatting. We have gone for a ride in the dinghy just to get a breeze and hope they wouldn’t follow.

Their bites are huge and leave big welts. I have thought of urinating on myself to get rid of the sting. Urinating works for when you have been stung by jellyfish. That works, trust me. I can confirm this because there was a write-up in the New Glasgow Evening News when jellyfish invaded the shore waters. Summer vacationers needed to know how to handle the sting and get relief. So they asked the resident biologist, my husband, and that was his recommendation. All the young boys now had an excuse to piss in the wind.

The worst part of the horse flies is when showering on the back of the boat. You have to do the “happy dance” the entire time because you certainly don’t want the netherland or the mountain range attacked! Hailing coast guard for this kind of distress, well that would be a distress in itself. It would go something like this:

“Notice to shipping Papa 1234, Nipple Rock light extinguished by horse fly bite”.

The only good thing that comes from horse flies is that we were cooped up in the cabin busying ourselves with work and painting. Here is a sample of my cards.


Water Colour on card stock 4×6


7 thoughts on “Eaten Alive

  1. Your post is hilarious Charline! Not only are you an artist but a comedian too! The visual made me belly laugh as one only could imagining your collective predicament. Wishing you both relief from horseflies and balmy breezes to enchant you as you sail along our amazing coastline.

    Happy Canada Day (tomorrow). We’ll hoist a cold one for you knowing you will be celebrating in a truly special way.



  2. Too funny. NOT!!! My son who spent 10 years on the mid coast doing forest engineering would light a smudge pot at lunch just to get a break from them.

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. OK– I laughed out loud!!! O m g. But all kidding aside– that would drive me nuts. I ‘hate’ being bitten by bugs. And of course, you and Alan are the best meal in town! Pull up anchor and get outta Dodge …..
    Love you and miss you. KPxoxo


  4. Oh my, I guess those horse flies haven’t seen white meat for awhile so you were a welcome treat! ha. Love the painted cards Charline, well done! xx M


  5. It isn’t fun to get bitten by any insects, including horse flies, as they take a good chunk!! I can just see you doing the “Happy Dance” Charline!!

    Really like your cards!! Your oldest sister!! 🙂


  6. you are special ! Love your post , your cards are amazing , we will miss you at book club today .
    Happier sailing !!


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