One Day at a Time

This is the first installment of “#10. Go to the Central Coast on Rugosa”. There will simply be too much to say in one post. Rugosa is our 34ft sail boat on which we set sail Sunday June 7th . Our destination is the Central Coast, beyond the Sunshine Coast, Desolation Sound, the Broughton’s.    See Sneak Preview.

We are heading for the wilderness, Native land, bear country and fishing for the next few months. Internet connection will be limited so posts will be sparse and return comments or checking on fellow bloggers delayed.

Our first leg is to make way to the Broughtons and enjoy some time with fellow yacht club friends. We meet in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. We skipped past Desolation Sound, the hot spot for cruising and take the next five days to reach destination.


“Wilderness Luxury” Sonora Resort on the Yuculta Rapids

Traveling in numbers and being with friends is a plus. We look out for each other as we move from anchorage to anchorage by keeping in touch via radio. They are a great sounding board for boat mechanics, sharing knowledge, exploring islands and loads of laughs at the “Cing à Septs”.


At anchor at Cordero Cove

We quickly learn the meaning of patience in sailing. We have already set our motto, “One Day at a Time”. We tucked away in a sheltered harbor for two days to avoid the large westerly blowing down Johnstone Strait. It is difficult to find the exact words to describe the noise and action at anchor. The sounds keep us awake; the whirling of the wind through the rigging, the constant tossing of the dinghy, the flapping of the waves against the hull and the boat sawing back and forth. I’ll leave it to, “it’s nuts!”


Our shelter for 2 days in Forward Harbour

We eventually have a window to negotiate Johnstone Strait before winds reach 30 to 35 knots later in the day. It’s an early morning departure from Forward Harbour to Lagoon Cove (~38 nautical miles) on East Cracroft Island, which we refer to as the official entrance to the Broughtons.

Lagoon Cove is a great spot to sit back and relax. You can take in the hiking trails, watch local fishermen pull traps, enjoy the surroundings and observe tourist on wilderness tour boats coming and going and then there is Jeanne’s baking.


Jeanne’s baking at Lagoon Cove

This is where we say goodbye to our friends as they continue to explore the Broughton’s while we head to Port McNeil to re-provision, catch up with emails and family, post on my blog before heading out on the next part of our trip.

As we motor to Port McNeil we are entertained by a humpback whale surfacing and breaching, a few harbor porpoises rolling to the surface and lots of eagles keeping a keen eye on fishermen. It is a sample of what to expect on the Central Coast. I know I will get close up pictures to post. Our next venture is tackling Cape Caution. The name itself should say something about our next leg. The motto applies, “One Day at a Time”.


7 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Great pics my seester, sounds like you are having fun! It’s a good motto, “one day at a time”…every day brings on a new perspective on life! Stay safe and good sailing. P&P xo


  2. Good to hear your sailing trip has been going well so far! Take care, and keep us posted on your journey! Safe sailing! Love, your oldest seester! 🙂


  3. Oh… Charlene… WE WISH WE COULD BE WITH YOU & AL.

    My gosh.. the experience, the scenery & the HUMP BACK WHALES.. please get a picture!
    Safe travels & as you said “A DAY AT A TIME” …


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