#40 – Go Kayaking

We are officially in the Broughton’s and enjoying some fun time at Lagoon Cove Marina on East Cracroft Island. We are travelling with four other boaters from our yacht club and they have kayaks! They only needed to say it once, “use them any time”.


Lagoon Cove

It’s early afternoon, the wind has subsided and the sun is out. It’s perfect conditions to gunk hole and explore the bay. I get a quick refresher course on how to paddle properly, push and pull rather then the dragon boating plunge and pull. It’s been at least 10 years since the last time I went kayaking.


Exploring the cove in Lagoon Cove

My kayak has a glass bottom. As we come close to shore in shallow waters, the fish and rock bottom are magnified. We hear the eagles calling each other and hoping to see the mother grizzly and her cubs grazing on the shoreline. There have been sightings of them in the area. We paddle for a good 2 hours around the bay visiting the fishing lodge and the few owners who have summer get-a-ways.

Part of being in marinas like this, are the local folk you meet. We negotiated 4 lbs of spot prawns for 6 beer from a fishing boat wrapping up his day of pulling traps. Later a crab fisherman comes by. I love bartering. It’s been a good day.

We have planned a feast of fish for our last supper with the group. We will say goodbye to our friends tomorrow and carry on to Port McNeil to prepare and re-provision for our next leg of our journey.


Our negotiations. Enough to feed the group.


3 thoughts on “#40 – Go Kayaking

  1. Sounds like you had a good time kayaking! That is one thing I must try one of these days. Maybe down in the Caribbean when its nice and warm, incase I flip over!! The supper meal looked delicious!! Enjoy your next segment of your journey!! Love your seester! XX OO


  2. What a fun day and topped off with that delicious bounty from the sea – can it get any better than that – I think not! 🙂 Look forward to your next adventure. xx


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