#9 – Host a “Cinq à Sept”

A “cinq à sept” (pronounced “sank-ah-set”) is a Quebec French term to describe a social gathering usually between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:00pm. I have used this French expression many a time because I think it’s sexier then saying “wine and cheese”, “happy hour” or “afternoon cocktails”.


Speaking of sexy, interesting fact that in France, “cinq à sept” was originally used as a figure of speech for a visit to one’s mistress. It was derived from the time of day French “hommes d’affaires” would make their “dalliances”.

None of that goes on at my cinq à sept! We serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres, enjoy each other’s company and talk about everything and anything. Guests usually loose track of time when 7:00pm rolls around, and many I have hosted have gone on way past bedtime. This group however, was prompt and stuck to the schedule. Maybe it’s a sign of age …


7 thoughts on “#9 – Host a “Cinq à Sept”

  1. Very nice Charline – enjoy all your posts so far.
    I’ve learned something new – the meaning of “cinq à sept”. We will likely have one of those today -:)


  2. Your brave to host the “Cinq a Sept”, especially when you are a very busy lady! But, one thing with you Charline, your good at it and it comes natural!! 🙂 Love your oldest Seester

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