#42 – Have “Tea Leaves” Read

I take a seat and drink my tea with purpose. The leaves that remain will tell of my past, present and future. I’m asked to twirl the cup three times. She dumps the dribbles and sets the cup on the table. “This is a busy cup”, she says and the session begins.


I sit quietly and listen attentively. She starts with a description of who I am. I appreciate the adjectives she uses but I am skeptical about all this. I can ask questions but I prefer to let her speak. I interject with the odd “umm”.

My curiosity peaks when she asks, “Are you a writer?”

“I wish”, is my reply.

“You have lots to say. And your stories are written in a unique style. It’s how you speak”.

Now I am questioning if she knows I have a blog. Has she read some of my posts?

“You have humor in what you write”.

How does she know this stuff?

The conversations in my head are non-stop. I am answering my own questions while at the same time focusing on what she is saying. She is hearing words, getting vibes and describing details that make me realize there is more to this. Is this “clairvoyance”?

As the session progresses my skepticism dissipates. I believe she is the real deal. She is looking into the near future, 7 months to 3 years down the road. The constant discussion in my head stops. I am really listening now.

Will the “offer” present itself?…

Will there be success?…

Am I going in a new direction?…


12 thoughts on “#42 – Have “Tea Leaves” Read

  1. How interesting, especially your different level of responses as the reading progressed. I’ve often wondered about visiting some form of “fortune teller”/”psychic”. The age old fear of being told that I won’t see next year is one of the tings that holds me back. That and often visiting a seaside town where commercial soothsayers had booths up and down the promenade.

    How did you find her?


  2. Did she speak of your family, grandson etc.? I find it all very interesting. Haven’t been to a clairvoyant for many years but found it fun and surprisingly, she knew alot about me. A bit of a head-shaker as she was pretty accurate on some topics!


  3. I too have always been skeptical of this supernatural ability of some people. I didn’t believe, until once a had an experience.
    I was helping the Father, of my girlfriend, who passed away, choose some goodies for his daughter’s celebration of life. Mr. R and I were having a cup of tea while making some decisions on the food.
    A total stranger came up & put his hands on Mr. R’s and my shoulder and said… “Janet sends a message to tell you she is in a better place now and not to worry.”
    Oh my gosh…this was a perfect stranger, not knowing if we were just sitting having a cup of tea, having not mentioned Janet’s name.
    This did make me believe that some people have that psychic power.
    I would love to know where you went Charline? As always… a great job done on your BLOG…


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