#51 – DIY Project “Dresser Facelift”

I have owned this dresser as long as I can remember growing up. It has followed me to university and back and then in more then 8 moves once married. My son used it while he was at university. It has been sitting in the storage room and looking pretty shabby so I decided to give it a facelift.




Before painting, I fixed the loose drawers, used wood filler to fill in the chipped wood and gave it a rough sanding. I used two coats of Van Gogh “Mascara” chalk paint. Stressed it to reveal some of the original white paint and then applied the Van Gogh “French Caffeine” Beeswax Finish. It’s now ready for more moves!




13 thoughts on “#51 – DIY Project “Dresser Facelift”

  1. I did the same thing to my grandma’s old dresser!

    Something about it is sentiment for me, the process of beautifying something that has been loved for so long and giving it new life.

    It looks great!


  2. Hey Char!
    You’ve just inspired me to get to work on an old maple dresser I have. I love the paint colour you used. Very Restoration Hardware!


  3. hi charline!
    My parents made all their furniture out of teak, and who knew–it,s back IN now!
    Mom still uses it, and I am sure we will have it in the family for a while yet…your restore looks great!


  4. Sure like to find projects to do, Charline! Wish you were closer to me, then we could do all kinds of neat things!! I started stripping Tante Josephine’s very old jam cupboard, but gave up as it had about 5 different layers of old paint. Sent it to a Furniture Refinishing place and they did an excellent job! Now use to store various baskets for a downstairs bathroom!

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