#23 – Volunteer for an event at SCYC (Schooner Cove Yacht Club)

There is no shortage of volunteer work at the SCYC Yacht Club. Of the many committees, the Social Committee works hard and puts on great events like destination outings, club socials, the Commodores’ Ball and more. To start off the boating season, they organized the “Sail Past”. They needed volunteers and I offered.


The Sail Past is all about kicking off the boating season, paying respect to the Commodore and reviewing the yacht club fleet. It is a tradition that goes back 600+ years in the Royal Navy and has become a norm in yacht clubs.

Long before the event took place, like 2 months, lots of planning and organizing were essential. Finding people to deliver speeches, arrange electronics and music, plan food, brainstorm decorations, schedule timing of events, secure facility, the list goes on. It all adds up to putting on a great day and many hands make light work.

The event started early afternoon under sunny skies with yacht club members and friends gathering on the docks. There is much fanfare with the piper leading the procession of yacht club executives present and past. Boaters were welcomed, followed by a few speeches and then we were off to “Sail Past” the Commodores’ boat. There were over 25 boats participating. Flags were flying and everyone looked their best.

Sail Past

Picnic Table

The Sail Past was extra special this year because it is the Yacht Clubs 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, everyone was invited to a “Picnic” with live music at the Fairwinds Golf Club. The décor was fun, inviting and bang on. Even down to the ants and ladybugs on the colored gingham tablecloths with buckets of snacks. The picnic included BBQ chicken, pulled pork, salads, drinks and cake.

It was a pleasure working for the organizers. They were thorough and on the ball.  Judging by the smiles and laughs, yacht club members totally enjoyed the festive day.  Mingling amongst boating friends and hearing stories and tales of the sailing season to be had is making me want to get out there sooner than later.


4 thoughts on “#23 – Volunteer for an event at SCYC (Schooner Cove Yacht Club)

  1. Thanks for inviting us aboard Rugosa for Sail Past , great day , great weather & best of all great friends !


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