#49 – Walk the loop Fairwinds/Nanoose Bay/Schooner Cove

It’s a beautiful sunny day and 2 friends have joined me this morning at 8:00 am to walk the Fairwinds/Nanoose Bay/Schooner Cove 16.16km loop. I wanted to walk this route because I have ridden it on my bike and ran it during my days of training for marathons.

The route is rural. The road is very undulating with narrow shoulders and no sidewalks. We walk facing traffic and quickly step into a single line when we hear oncoming traffic. The traffic is busy today but drivers are friendly with most giving you a wave. I wondered how I ever ran this route. No sooner do you go down a hill, you are climbing another and that is the way throughout the entire loop. We meet other walkers we know and runners who obviously are training.

Walk Stats

Screen Shots from iPhone “Map My Walk”

The best part about walking with friends is that it goes by fast. You talk about everything under the sun (no pun intended) and you notice so much more; homes perched up on cliff-sides with steep driveways, views to the mainland from the openings between houses, the hills, the wildlife.


This brought back memories of a walk I did in 2012 in Holland to Belgium. My husband and I joined my youngest sister and her husband in a 33 km Knokke-Heist walk. The march started as a tribute and honour to the Canadians who liberated the town of Knokke on November 1st, 1944. We walked with the Canadian NATO troops on trails and roads that took you through farmer’s fields and small villages re-enacting the route soldiers took in World War II. Throughout the walk, the Dutch cheered you on with appreciation and waved Canadian flags. It was a true Canadian experience and one I hope we will participate in again.


#42 – Have “Tea Leaves” Read

I take a seat and drink my tea with purpose. The leaves that remain will tell of my past, present and future. I’m asked to twirl the cup three times. She dumps the dribbles and sets the cup on the table. “This is a busy cup”, she says and the session begins.


I sit quietly and listen attentively. She starts with a description of who I am. I appreciate the adjectives she uses but I am skeptical about all this. I can ask questions but I prefer to let her speak. I interject with the odd “umm”.

My curiosity peaks when she asks, “Are you a writer?”

“I wish”, is my reply.

“You have lots to say. And your stories are written in a unique style. It’s how you speak”.

Now I am questioning if she knows I have a blog. Has she read some of my posts?

“You have humor in what you write”.

How does she know this stuff?

The conversations in my head are non-stop. I am answering my own questions while at the same time focusing on what she is saying. She is hearing words, getting vibes and describing details that make me realize there is more to this. Is this “clairvoyance”?

As the session progresses my skepticism dissipates. I believe she is the real deal. She is looking into the near future, 7 months to 3 years down the road. The constant discussion in my head stops. I am really listening now.

Will the “offer” present itself?…

Will there be success?…

Am I going in a new direction?…

#57 – Go to a Live Play

This weekend we took our sail boat Rugosa for a shakedown before heading North in June for our big trip (See #10 in “The List” ).


Part of the shakedown was to go to Chemainus, and take in the matinée and the long running play “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie. Both my husband and I love Agatha Christie murder mysteries from the books we have read to Netflix shows like Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Now I’ve seen a live play.

Chemainus Theatre photo courtesy of Tourism Chemainus

Chemainus Theatre photo courtesy of Tourism Chemainus

Chemainus is a quaint town and is famous for its historic murals and its theatre. The theatre sits proud in the middle of town and attracts people from up and down the island for its live productions. As you can see from the picture it was worthy of an award as the best building on Vancouver Island in 1993.




We sat in the cheaper seats on the far left. But honestly there are no bad seats in the house. The seats are comfortable and upholstered in the typical burgundy red in amphitheater style. I thought the stage would be elegantly draped in purple velour curtains with ornate architecture over-head, instead it was an open concept in an octagonal shape. We settled into our seats, the lights were dimmed and the play began.

There were 3 acts, with the first introducing the characters. The second was the murder and after the intermission, the plot thickened as we were both trying to figure out who did it. The cast put on a great performance. I particularly liked the costumes and the actors’ accents. At the end of the play we were sworn to secrecy not to reveal “who did it”. As we left the theatre, I mentioned to my husband how I always wanted to be an actress. His response was “You are!”

I have actually had the experience of being in a play twice. Once in high school, where I was a stand in – no lines. Then in 1977 when I worked in St. Andrews NB. There was not much to do during the winter months. Tourists had come and gone and summer dwellers returned to their main residences. So I joined the MAD Club (Music, Art and Drama) to keep myself entertained. If you’ve been to St. Andrews you know what I mean. After my first winter I thought I was going MAD. I remember playing the part of a travelling salesman. I can’t remember the name of the play but I do remember it was a comedy. And I had lines. I started out with an English accent but remember finishing with a Newfoundland accent. The most enjoyable part of the MAD Club was that we were everything; producers, directors, cast, make-up and costume artists, ticket sellers, and promoters. It kept me busy and that’s what I needed. We didn’t go on the road but we certainly entertained the small town of approximately 1500.

#51 – DIY Project “Dresser Facelift”

I have owned this dresser as long as I can remember growing up. It has followed me to university and back and then in more then 8 moves once married. My son used it while he was at university. It has been sitting in the storage room and looking pretty shabby so I decided to give it a facelift.




Before painting, I fixed the loose drawers, used wood filler to fill in the chipped wood and gave it a rough sanding. I used two coats of Van Gogh “Mascara” chalk paint. Stressed it to reveal some of the original white paint and then applied the Van Gogh “French Caffeine” Beeswax Finish. It’s now ready for more moves!



#23 – Volunteer for an event at SCYC (Schooner Cove Yacht Club)

There is no shortage of volunteer work at the SCYC Yacht Club. Of the many committees, the Social Committee works hard and puts on great events like destination outings, club socials, the Commodores’ Ball and more. To start off the boating season, they organized the “Sail Past”. They needed volunteers and I offered.


The Sail Past is all about kicking off the boating season, paying respect to the Commodore and reviewing the yacht club fleet. It is a tradition that goes back 600+ years in the Royal Navy and has become a norm in yacht clubs.

Long before the event took place, like 2 months, lots of planning and organizing were essential. Finding people to deliver speeches, arrange electronics and music, plan food, brainstorm decorations, schedule timing of events, secure facility, the list goes on. It all adds up to putting on a great day and many hands make light work.

The event started early afternoon under sunny skies with yacht club members and friends gathering on the docks. There is much fanfare with the piper leading the procession of yacht club executives present and past. Boaters were welcomed, followed by a few speeches and then we were off to “Sail Past” the Commodores’ boat. There were over 25 boats participating. Flags were flying and everyone looked their best.

Sail Past

Picnic Table

The Sail Past was extra special this year because it is the Yacht Clubs 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, everyone was invited to a “Picnic” with live music at the Fairwinds Golf Club. The décor was fun, inviting and bang on. Even down to the ants and ladybugs on the colored gingham tablecloths with buckets of snacks. The picnic included BBQ chicken, pulled pork, salads, drinks and cake.

It was a pleasure working for the organizers. They were thorough and on the ball.  Judging by the smiles and laughs, yacht club members totally enjoyed the festive day.  Mingling amongst boating friends and hearing stories and tales of the sailing season to be had is making me want to get out there sooner than later.