#36 – “Hit the Bricks” and “BBBB”

Was this on my list? Yes it was – it’s Geocaching. This is the first time I’ve done this and I quickly learned that Geocaching is like Blogging. First you have to go and read the site to understand it, you have to sign up and get an account, there are all kinds of names to describe the caches, different styles and lots of followers.

Geocaching is a sophisticated scavenger hunt or an “updo” to orienteering. You get to use a GPS or you can use the special app on your smart phone. I’m a zero when it comes to navigating so I was very pleased when my husband was interested in joining. He did all the calculations and worked the GPS. I did the finding, he found squat.

We looked for two caches today and it took us 2 hours to find them even with the GPS. The first one, “BBBB” (Ben’s Brickyard Bay Booty) had a coded hint that you had to decrypt.

“Gur onfr bs gur snpr jvaf qur enpr!”

Letter above equals below and vice versa



Even with the hint it was hard to find. I lost my balance and was crouched close to the ground. When I turned to get up, I noticed the blue bottle under the tree trunk. Most of the treasures are dollar store finds but the point is finding it. You can leave something behind and we inserted a pin.


Our second cache was “Hit the Bricks”. At first we figured it would be under the well-known tree in Brickyard Bay and searched there for quite a while.


Then we followed the directions to go over the big rocks and find a crevice. And sure enough hidden behind a piece of wood in the crevice was the box in a green garbage bag.


This was a fun way to spend a drizzly afternoon. It reminded me of when I was a kid. My friends and I would hide treasures and map their hiding places. We would find a special box or tin can and hide personal things, even money. One of our hiding spots got dug up for new construction. We went with shovels and worked for hours trying to find our treasure but it was gone.

Note to self, don’t bury money!


19 thoughts on “#36 – “Hit the Bricks” and “BBBB”

  1. HI charline!
    I found one by accident here in wood stream park…I left it alone, but it felt like a treasure that I unearthed!
    Have fun, love keeping up with your year!


  2. Got to love a post about geocaching. Especially your first finds. I also like the way that it takes us back to childhood games.
    I thought I had long since given up climbing trees and scrambling up muddy banks until a friend put me onto this. And imagine my joy when a code (learnt as an eight year old ‘trainee spy’), turns up to be part of a puzzle cache.

    I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. That would be fun to do!! It reminds me of my Orienteering days here in Fredericton!! Both Stephen and I were heavy into it for many years in the 70’s! Stephen did the mapping, and I gave instructions. The Orienteering Club still exists!! It’s a lot of fun just to get outdoors, rain or shine!! Your O> seester!! 🙂


  5. … been checking on your blog throughout the winter … seems our paths haven’t crossed yet … but, if you’re into geocaching they just might!!! 😄 What name are you geocaching under, Char? If you see “bushiron” written on a log sheet when you’re signing your name … that’s me – and I was there …


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