#13 – Plant an Herb Garden

I’m not much of a gardener, not like Tante Joséphine. Remember her from #53- Tante Joséphine’s Cookbook? She had a green thumb and her garden was a labour of love and so bountiful. When I grew up, almost everyone owned a garden. I hate to admit this but we use to sneak under the cover of darkness and steal out of a specific garden. Yes, steal… carrots, cucumbers, whatever, from Oscar’s garden. He had the biggest of gardens and we figured he wouldn’t notice. My youngest sister heard of our shenanigans so she and her friends decided to do the same. Except, she got caught. Mrs. Oscar marched up to our house and gave my Mom a tongue lashing for not bringing her daughter up properly. Little did she know that her other daughter had done the same.

But I digress…. I’ve always wanted an herb garden and today I planted one. We love fresh herbs and being able to go outside and cut them from the backyard is a bonus. I planted 2 types of thyme, Culinary and English, 2 types of oregano, Italian and Greek, sage and Mojito mint. You know what that is for!


Our biggest challenge will be to keep the deer out. I “jury rigged” tomatoe trellises with fine plastic mesh to surround each herb. I wish I could grow basil and parsley in big bunches, but that would be a smorgasbord for the deer. We have lots of deer that come and forage on any kind of plant around the house. They’ll eat anything and everything. Apparently, they stay away from herbs. We’ll see.


15 thoughts on “#13 – Plant an Herb Garden

  1. I will be over to “snitch” & cut the plastic mesh… for my herbs.. but I will tell you.. tee! hee! …when I do it..


  2. Yes, those dear deer! 🙂 I’m sure your herb garden will flourish…nothing better than fresh herbs and picking them from your own garden too!


  3. My sister who lives with me is the gardener in my household. She has tried growing many herbs but the squirrel who loves under steps that lead to our lower yard keeps eating them. We never catch the squirrel eating them but our next door neighbor can look out her kitchen window and see the squirrel in action.


      • I just re-read my comment and am chuckling at the squirrel “who loves under steps”. He very likely loves there too but I meant to say the squirrel that lives under the steps. We haven’t seen signs of him this year so I was referring to past seasons. Anyway, we won’t move him out but he is annoying. (And of course this makes it sound like there is only one, but we don’t really know how many there might be.


  4. Deer, – how lovely! So much more poetic than snails. I suppose they can do far more damage but maybe they won’t like your herbs (which look lovely by the way, as is your surreptitious harvesting story). Enjoy the mojitos! 🙂


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