#16 – Buy “Something” for someone I don’t know

I changed “Buy Coffee” to “Buy  Something” for someone I don’t know. All because of my encounter at the grocery store.

I was at the grocery store buying flowers for the house. Something I am doing every month. It’s on “The List”. While waiting at the check out, a young boy behind me was patiently waiting for his turn to cash through. He must have been about 10. He had his bike helmet on, the cutest dimpled cheeks and a warm smile.


I asked him, “are you buying an after school snack?” He replied, “no”. “Then it’s just a snack?” He shrugged his shoulders. The cashier informed me it was Pro-D day so no school, hence his response that it was not an after school snack. “Your Mom told you not to speak to strangers, right?” He nodded yes. I went on asking questions while at the same time talking to the cashier. “Are you buying your snack with your money?” I asked. He nodded again, feeling a bit awkward that he wasn’t using words. I looked at the cashier and she was smiling. I quietly told her I would pay for his purchase. There was something about his demeanor, politeness or was it what he was buying? So she scanned my flowers, his pop and chips. I see this as the equivalent of an adult order of coffee and muffin.

Meanwhile, the boy was counting his money, oblivious to the conversation the cashier and I were having. Turns out she knew him very well as he and her son are best of friends. She handed him his bag and before he could say how much, “no charge and pointed at me”. He was stunned at first and then his face came alive with the biggest grin and those dimples disappearing in his smile. “Thank you so much, you are very kind. I can’t wait to tell my friend”.

As I left the store, I realized it was what he was buying that triggered my reaction. When I was that age, 25¢ in my pocket bought me quite a lot. I would head up to “Garage Comeau et Savoie” and buy an orange crush for 10¢ then run down to “Au Royaume du Cadeaux”, better known as “Chez Junior”, and buy a chocolate bar for 10¢ and a bag of chips for 5¢. Crazy! what 25¢ bought in those days!

I was wondering how this item on my list was going to play out. I wasn’t looking for it, it just happened spontaneously. It felt gratifying to have done such a small act of kindness that brought joy to both of us.


16 thoughts on “#16 – Buy “Something” for someone I don’t know

  1. What a lovely spontaneous gesture Charline. That boy will never forget your kindness and I’m sure he will “pay it forward” in some manner down the road! xx


  2. Quelle belle histoire Charline. Très touchante. I think some of us had the same ” stops” along the way back from school. I remember those days!


  3. I bought a young mom’s groceries for her last year. I was behind her in line. Her credit cards were being rejected one after the other and I felt for her as she had two little ones with her and the queue was getting longer and longer. (I have had the same experience and it’s so embarrassing .)She was stunned, the cashier and other customers were speechless and I felt really awkward about it. Then, I thought of all those people who witnessed my act of kindness and perhaps I inspired one of them to do the same. The mom thanked me and said she would make a donation to the SallyAnn.


  4. What fun you had doing a good deed. I would have loved to see the young boys’ eyes when he realized what you had done for him. I also love the story Lou shared with us all. How true, a little kindness in the world, witnessed by others, hopefully will bring on more kindness. Great stories.
    Keep a trucking Charline..love hearing your experiences…


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