#39 – Practise Putting

I’m not one to go to a practise range and practise golf strokes. Let alone arrive early before the tee time to practise putting. But the reality is, my short game is where I loose a lot of strokes. I decided to bite the bullet and take a lesson on putting as a start.

“You’re an intermediate putter”, the pro said to me after watching me putt a few times. “Your putter is too long and you are holding your club wrong”. Those were easy fixes. This is encouraging.

PuttingThe remaining fixes are where the fun begins. I have to focus on reducing my back swing and accelerate through the stroke. The practise part will be to judge how hard to accelerate depending on the distance of the putt. My stance, weight balance and eyes over the ball are fine. I have to try and not look at my ball as I hit. The worse part of my putting is my alignment. Where I should be aiming and where I am aiming are all wrong. I’m a very visual person so the pro showed me how off I was by lining up his and my club on the ground. It made a V. Go figure.

So now all that is left is to continue practising. Practise makes perfect! 18 holes should do it. Ha!

I have a golf story – The Sneaker Squeak. I was playing in a scramble tournament and one of the rules was to have one female per team. My brother-in-law was the only guy I knew in the group and it was comforting to have him on the team. By the 15th hole, it was getting hot and I was getting tired and giddy. The beer probably didn’t help. The team decided this was the hole to use my drive, another rule. I lined myself up and really wanted to hit the ball hard. I let one rip! ….

I am not talking about my drive however. I looked at my brother-in-law and he was laughing. I asked, “Do you think they heard it?” “Hell yeh” he said, “and so did the group on the 12th hole!” To make me feel comfortable and hide the fact, my brother-in-law said, “Oh Charline, you had a Sneaker Squeak!” To this day, every time I tee up for a drive and thinking of hitting hard, I think of the Sneaker Squeak and re-focus on executing an easy swing.

4th green


11 thoughts on “#39 – Practise Putting

  1. Oh oh, if you hone your putting strokes I’m royally hooped! 🙂 We look forward to another round or two with you both very soon, we always seem to have a giggle or two on the course (and off for that matter). xx


  2. Hi Charline, heard about your blog from Jane. I am enjoying it! Really liked the sneaker squeak story..have had a few of those myself! I look forward to your writings. Good luck with the 60 items!


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