#25 – Host a Book Club Meeting

Cups, plates, cutlery, napkins ✔

Coffee, tea, cream, sugar and wine sometimes ✔

Food, including gluten free treats ✔

This is not a luncheon, party or shower, it’s “Book Club”. Why the fuss? It’s not a fuss and all of us in book club do it, because like going to a movie we like to eat, and book club is no different. Food and conversation go together. Book Club Our book club meets every 6 weeks. It was formed of ladies in the neighbourhood. We are a diverse group. There are 11 of us but we are rarely all present, hence the large number.

Our discussions are tame and polite in that everyone has a chance to say their piece. We usually go around the room but sometimes it’s hard not to interject when someone makes a point and you just have to make yours because it’s pressing and you can’t wait your turn. And then everyone starts talking at once with only the person in earshot hearing what you have to say.

It makes for an interesting discussion when views are different. Our interpretations of what authors have written can be so wide spread. Conversations become that more engaging when someone in the group has experienced a place, an event, a situation and can put in words first hand experiences or prior knowledge about a subject. Book club is gratifying in that we learn so much more about history, countries and their cultures, facts of life and inevitably about one another. Books

I joined book club as an incentive to sit quietly for 30 minutes to an hour and read. It worked and most of the time the book is finished in time for the meeting. I keep a notebook. I’m terrible in remembering author’s names and book names. I include a short summary of the book and jot down whatever catches my eye and especially new words I learn. My favorite word these days is “plethora”. I use it whenever I can.

My husband and I often host book club on our boat, just the 2 of us. We are usually in the middle of a bay, with no TV, no radio reception. We will have the conversation, usually sitting across from each other, in front of a candle with a glass of wine in hand. It’s a switch from the usual yachting jargon.

I’m not describing anything new about book clubs. Most of you reading this are probably part of one. I’ve often wondered why men don’t have book clubs like the many women book clubs. Oh wait a minute, that’s called “Gentlemen Clubs”. They don’t read books, they settle the problems of the world over a beer and sometimes get into trouble.


17 thoughts on “#25 – Host a Book Club Meeting

  1. Cool! I love your blog. Such a neat idea. It’s awesome that you have set your mind to do so many things…and that you are actually DOING them. That’s an accomplishment in itself! You go!


    • All of us at book club enjoyed the read. It is humorous despite the seriousness of Aspergers. I found this review which I think summarizes the book “it teaches us to see the funny side of our own often incomprehensible behaviour – and to embrace the differently abled”.

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      • Whilst admiring your bird painting I remembered that I hadn’t replied to say that I’d now read ‘The Rosie Project’. The dialogue exchanges, such as the one with the jacket at the posh restaurant, were so well written. I thought that it often walked the blurred line of comedy and pathos with such skill that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


        • I think I did both. There were so many other passages, for example the cocktail party, the New York trip, pissing of the Dean. The list goes on. But some great written words “Love is a powerful feeling for another person often defying logic”.

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  2. Another book to consider is The Cross by B.R. Bentley. It’s based on a true story and our neighbour wrote it last year and is in the process of writing a sequel. A good read.


  3. Loved your comments on our book club.
    Sorry I missed this book club, but the 80F. plus weather & sunshine did help in missing you al!
    See you next one!


  4. I don’t belong to a Book Club, but I wish I did!! I did read some good books while I was in St. Lucia! It’s a lot of work to host any type of a function at your own home, but fun!! 🙂


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