#52 – “Descente Rapide” from the top of the Peak to the bottom of Creekside at Whistler

I was exaggerating when I said “Descente Rapide”. I am no longer in my 20’s and those days of skiing non-stop and fast from top to bottom are out.

I am not exaggerating however on the following facts of Peak to Creek:

  • 7 kms (4miles) from the top of the Peak Chair to the bottom at Creekside Village.
  • 5,020 feet of vertical.
  • 400 acres and hundreds of lines to choose from.
  • It’s the best of Whistler Mountain all in one run. It’s an intermediate run.
  • Notable runs include, Dave Murray and Franz. The World Cup downhill is skied on the Dave Murray.
  • The peak boasts views of 360 degrees including a view of Black Tusk, a volcanic rock landmark south of Whistler.
  • You can experience everything from alpine bowls, glades, rainforest and rolling trails through big timber.
  • The Creekside Gondola was one of the first lifts on Whistler Mountain.
  • The après ski at Dusty’s is always popular.
Panoramic View from the top of the Peak

Panoramic View from the top of the Peak

We arrived in Whistler/Blackcomb and skied in fog and rain for a few days. After taking a day off, we hit the slopes again. It’s a bonus day, the sun is out and the Peak Chair is open. Our first run of the day is going to be from the top of the Peak to the bottom of Creekside Village. It’s -1˚ and sunny, there is blue sky interspersed amongst the clouds, snow is glistening. Black Tusk stands majestically as always off in the distance. It hasn’t moved.

We ski the Upper Peak to Creek. The run has been groomed but is covered with a light dusting of snow. There are very few skiers on the run. We knew that the Lower Peak to Creek run was closed on account of lack of snow, so we altered our route and took Highway 86. The visibility is nil. This cloud of fog has been coming in and out in the Alpine all week. We stop a few times to take in the view, some pictures and clean our goggles. It’s more like give our legs a break.

The Peak

We round the Big Red chair, passing the Raven’s Nest Hut and catch the Dave Murray, our favorite. We are out of the cloud of fog. The snow feels like cornmeal. The Dave Murray is the best because of the terrain you cover. It’s everything all in one. A long winding trail with steep pitches, flat sections where you need to carry your speed, some 90degree turns and rolls. You can take air if you are not attentive. At times we have the entire run to ourselves. Every now and then, two or more skiers show up merging from other runs. The next thing you know, they are out of sight again. We are now within sight of the Creekside Village below. We make it to the bottom, exhilarated for having done the run again in one piece.

As always in Whistler/Blackcomb, the mountain wins. Somehow we never seem to be able to make it through a 7hour day of skiing. We do look forward to the après ski beer at the Longhorn Pub in Whistler Village. Nothing like sitting outside, enjoying a beer, the buzz of the crowd and watching skiers ski out. Everyone is smiling as they come off the mountain. It just makes for a great day in the fresh air, with people as happy as you! Love it.


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8 thoughts on “#52 – “Descente Rapide” from the top of the Peak to the bottom of Creekside at Whistler

  1. We’re pleased to hear you are picking and choosing your ski runs and getting up the mountain to make a few turns, especially under these “not so ideal” snow conditions. Yes, apres skiing sounds fun! 🙂 Enjoy your time at Whistler and we look forward to seeing you on your return.


  2. Peak to Creek was in terrible shape when we were there, in fact I am not even certain if was open. Did you ski over on Blackcomb side at all?

    Not sure if you have heard of the Hair Farmers but if you haven’t & you visit again, look for them at one of the apres ski pubs. They play on a regular basis, usually at the GLC at the bottom of Whistler & Merlins at the bottom of Blackcomb. Best apres entertainment you will find! So much fun!


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