#19 – Attend an Exercise Class that is Different

Barre Fit” – I thought this was a type of energy bar until my friend told me it was the craze amongst celebrities for toning and shaping their bodies. Not that I am a celebrity, but who doesn’t want to look good! It’s a fitness class that incorporates yoga, palates and especially ballet. I prefer to exercise outside but I’m not opposed to trying something different, so I went.

When I first walked into the studio, I wish I were 6 years old and wearing a tutu. It was one big dance studio with mirrors all around and bars! Not the vertical ones but the double horizontal ones.

Barre Fit


Where I grew up, nothing like this existed. Our type of exercise was building forts in the woods. I remember always wanting to take dance. Tap dancing that is. I loved the clicking sounds of the shoes. Mom would have nothing to do with it and luckily for her there were no such classes offered in our hometown. She did however get me into majorettes and that was as close as I got to performing.

The instructor looked like a dancer; graceful, fit and sculpted. Quite a few of us were newbies and the instructor did an excellent job guiding us through the many poses while at the same time progressing us with arm movements.

Ever notice how each sport has it’s own set of clothing and lingo? We started with the simple first position; heals together toes pointed out. From there she added various stages of pliés. We moved on to second and third positions with more pliés and now incorporating small pulses. The pulses are killer.

“Pelvic tilt, feel the elongation throughout your spine like a string pulling you upward from your head, tummy in and closed in towards your belly button, stay tall and long” were the reminders throughout the class.

We did a pose called “attitude”. I liked that one. All I could think of, was this is killing me. Too many things to remember.

“Don’t look at your feet, eyes forward, elongate”. Oops!

Once we were done with all the leg exercises we moved on to the abs. All of them! Followed by the arm exercises. Mustn’t forget those to get rid of our mothers inherited arm flaps. She didn’t miss a body part and every muscle felt it, especially the fine twitch ones that she managed to focus on with the small pulses.

Throughout the class I kept reminding myself this is good for skiing. It’s cross fit. I also thought of celebrities training with “Dancing with the Stars”. Wouldn’t it be fun to partake in that? I’ll be getting a punch card for more classes. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like a dancer… at 60!


6 thoughts on “#19 – Attend an Exercise Class that is Different

  1. Good for you! My mum has only recently given up the tap-dancing classes she started a couple of years ago – she had always wanted to learn and never had the opportunity. Barre fit sounds very physically demanding, but fun at the same time, and working on all parts of the body INCLUDING ARM FLAPS, – how wonderful! 🙂


  2. Good for you, you tried something different! I wouldn’t mind taking those classes! I’ve got to get back into my yoga classes, as soon as my instructor gets back from holidays!! I love my Yoga!! 🙂


  3. What an experience. I felt like I was back at my DANCE STUDIO..especially the picture of the bars.
    Did ballet for years. Want to learn TAP DANCING I can teach you Charline, I won many awards in B.C. for my tap dancing & taught dancing for 6 years..
    luv the fact you tried something different from your running, swimming, biking etc.. GREAT!
    CARRY ON… this is such fun!
    Sending sunshine from the south….
    luv ya gal


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