#55 – Meet a CBC Host

Last Friday we went to the Vancouver Boat Show. We walked on the ferry from Vancouver Island and then jumped on a bus to downtown. It stopped at the corner of the CBC building and I couldn’t help but think, I have to go there, it’s on my list to meet a CBC host. After lunch, I snuck off and decided to try my luck in hopes of meeting any of the CBC radio or TV personalities I follow daily. I’m a huge fan. My favorite personality is Rick Mercer. But he stood me up on my birthday after he said he would arrange for us to get together. So he’s in my bad books, (not really).

I walk into the lobby of the building.


Me: “Hi. I am hoping you could help me with a request.” And proceed to explain, “I am accomplishing 60 things while I am 60 ……”

2 Security Guys: “That’s cool. But we can’t arrange visits. You can call this number in Toronto though. You can use the phones by the red couches.”

Me: “Hello, is this CBC Toronto?”

Man with nice voice: “Yes, how can I direct your call.”

Me: “I have a request.” And repeat my spiel.

Man with nice voice: “I’ve never heard that one before.”

Me: “Can you help?”

Man with nice voice: “I’ll give you the direct number to Vancouver.”

Me Thinking: I am in Vancouver.

Me: “Hi, is this CBC Vancouver?”

Lady with pleasant voice: “Yes, how can I help you?”

Me: I repeat my spiel

Lady with pleasant voice: “That’s great what you are doing. CBC has open houses and that’s a good time to meet the personalities.”

Me: “I’m from Vancouver Island and happen to be in Vancouver today. “

Lady with pleasant voice: I don’t think that will happen today. I can put you through to Communications and they can give you dates for the next open houses. I’ll transfer your call, just a moment please. “

Lady with an even more pleasant voice: “CBC Vancouver, can I help you”.

Me: I repeat my spiel and add that I am in Vancouver and if I could meet any of the following personalities, Johanna Wagstaffe, Ian Hanamansing, Gloria Macarenko, it would make my day. I mentioned I was sitting in the lobby on the red couches.

Lady with an even more pleasant voice: ”That is so exciting what you are doing. I was just in a meeting with Johanna.”

Me: “Oh, really! Any chance I could meet even one of them?”

Lady with an even more pleasant voice: ”Stay on the red couches and give me a minute. I’ll see what I can do”.

Me: I am beyond myself and thinking, am I really going to meet someone?

After a few minutes, out comes the lady with an even more pleasant voice with Johanna Wagstaffe. She has this big smile and mine is even bigger. We chat for a while but not long enough. How do you squeeze in all your questions in so few minutes? She is so down to earth and easy to talk to. She wants to hear more about my list and I want to hear more about her and her job as a meteorologist. By the way, in my opinion, she is the best-dressed host on TV.

While on the ferry ride back, I shared my adventure with my fellow companions and showed them the picture as proof. I sent her the following email and she responded within an hour.





18 thoughts on “#55 – Meet a CBC Host

  1. Oh Charline, what a fun and productive day you had in the “big smoke” downtown Vancouver meeting up with Johanna at CBC – how fun for both of you! I like her as well. The photo is lovely too! Love that you’re both wearing scarves – what fashion plates! 🙂


  2. Wow …Charline..
    You are the “best” I would have loved to be there.
    We just arrived into Redding, California… enroute to Palm Desert.
    It was so fun to open my e-mails… & there was this fun story of your newest adventure.

    Jane & Dwayne


  3. Beautiful! Good for you, just goes to show you can accomplish anything if you just go for it, – I am well impressed! By the way, I have just nominated you for a Liebster Award. The details are on my latest post at https://paypackandfollow.wordpress.com
    I know awards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and won’t be offended if you decline. But I do hope you will accept it in the spirit it is given, – warm and fuzzy, – I think your blog is awesome! 🙂 Sandy


  4. Way to go Charline! Your persistence finally paid off! I really like Johanna Wagstaffe, as I listen to CBC News! The person I would love to meet is Peter Mansbridge! But I did meet Ian Hanamansing at an event in Fredericton a few years ago! 🙂


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