#14 – Sewing


I found my sewing machine tucked at the back of the storage room. I started to sew but quickly realized the settings were all wrong and stitching completely messed up. It’s been ages since I’ve used it. I hesitated about getting it fixed. It’s pretty old and I was wondering if a new machine would be more cost effective. To my luck, I was out only $30 and told it was in great shape and sturdy. I bought my machine in 1978 when I lived in St. Andrews N.B. by the Sea. Not much to do there after the tourist leave in September. I took sewing lessons and made shirts for my then boyfriend, who is now my husband.

Now that it’s fixed, it works like a charm. I wasn’t about to make shirts or sew “Haute Couture”, so I made 3 pillows for the living room. I wanted to liven things up and pleased I found funky material. I hope you agree.

I only had to sew straight lines. What could go wrong? Well for one my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and somehow I managed to sew through the zipper. The zipper wouldn’t close so I had to go back and remove all those small stiches with that pointy tool remover. It broke. I studied how a zipper was put in on another pillow, found some glasses and started again.

After a few hours, the first pillow was done. The next 2 went much quicker. It was a full afternoon and a typical day of sewing. Threads scattered throughout the house, ironing board blocking the hallway, scissors and pins on the floor, measuring tape un-expectantly cut in two. And why can’t I seem to throw out the cut-outs instead of putting them back in the original purchase bag?


Speaking of “Haute Couture”, part of our “Home-Ec” classes in grade 7 was sewing. The girls did that while the boys did mechanics. I decided to sew a 2-piece bathing suit. Not a bikini, that would have been too easy – 4 triangles, not much to that. My teacher had warned me the 2-piece bathing suit was probably a bit too ambitious. But I had already found the perfect soft, red and white, candy stripe, terry cloth material. I sewed a bra and panties into the top and bottoms. It looked great on the hanger. I learned not so much in the water.

I couldn’t wait to show off to my friends. I wish they hadn’t all been there because when I jumped in and then stood up, the terry cloth material absorbed more water then expected. The top was around my belly button, bra intact and the bottoms around my knees, panties intact. I crawled out of the water with this soggy mess of material hanging off my body and a stream of water trailing behind me! I should have left the bathing suit on the hanger or maybe should have asked to join mechanics.


19 thoughts on “#14 – Sewing

  1. Happy New Year!!
    Ha ha ha sorry to hear about your bathing suit misadventures !! Your pillows are FANTASTIC!! Just what the doctor ordered!!!


  2. Firstly, your pillows look great and I like the interest you have obtained in the chosen fabrics and they look nice with the burgundy leather furniture – good job girlfriend!

    Secondly, your bathing suit saga made me smile! It’s not easy being a “fashion plate” all the time!!! 🙂


  3. Very nice pillows, Charline! Wish you were closer to me so we could sew some together!

    My sewing machine dates back to 1974 (same make as yours), at which time I sewed a lot of my own curtains, bedskirts, aprons, and some clothes!

    I can still remember taking Home-Ec in which it was the Nuns who taught sewing and cooking! I had a bad experience with cooking classes, so, as to this day, I don’t like to cook, because I got my knuckles wrapped a few too many times from not measuring just exactly as the recipe called for!!

    The sewing I loved as I got 100% for the articles I made! It was an apron (which I gave to my favourite aunt, Tante Georgette), a skirt and a jumper, and other articles. I was very meticulous, of course the Nuns loved it!! I know all about sewing a zipper and having to rip it out over again with the small little ripper thing!!

    What’s your next sewing project?


  4. You made me giggle too on the bathing suit funyou had. My story is simular with a crocheted one. Same result but mine had no bra to save me under it. It was pretty before the water hit it. Ahh the 70s. We were so free. R


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