#46 – Roasting Marshmallows

The last time I roasted marshmallows was at our SCYC yacht club event in Rosario in the San Juan Islands. It was cut short as we could hear and see a storm approaching. It started to pour. There was no time to sing “Cumbaya”!

Today it’s Boxing Day. My husband has been cleaning the yard burning the downed branches and Christmas wrapping, keeping the fire stoked for later this evening. We are going to roast marshmallows tonight after supper and before our grandson goes to bed. The “Slivery” moon, as he calls it, and the stars are peaking through the clouds. It’s still. It’s quiet. The only sound is the fire crackling. Christmas lights from neighbouring homes are twinkling between the trees. I am waiting for the embers to be just right. No flame.

Fire pit

I do not like burning my marshmallows. They have to be evenly roasted all around – a soft brown for a perfect roast! I’m attentive not to leave it too long near the coals. When I see a small whiff of smoke, it’s time to turn. I’m careful not to drop it off the stick. When done, they slide off nice and soft, all in one bite. Pop in your mouth and there you have it, the perfect roast. I like cooking them more than eating them. I love watching others cook marshmallows. They are quick, their marshmallows burn, they get charred! Some don’t even bother cooking!

I love watching the flames of the fire dancing around. It’s peaceful and mesmerizing at the same time. All of a sudden we just start singing. I love how that works. And later, smelling smoky hair, well that’s just part of roasting marshmallows.


6 thoughts on “#46 – Roasting Marshmallows

  1. Your description of roasting marshmallows is “spot on”! ha. I totally get it when you say they MUST be roasted slowly to get that perfect golden colour and slide right off the stick
    while soft and gooey – great memories! ha.


  2. Now Charline, I can still remember the last time we roasted marshmallows, many many years ago! It was when the “Albert” family reunion took place at Fundy National Park! We had had a beautiful pot-luck supper, with our parents, the many aunts, uncles and cousins, and of course the 5 siblings with families that participated in this reunion! The evening is upon us, so we all decided to have a bonfire and roast marshmallows for the kiddies! Well after many hours of drinking beer, laughter, singing, drinking beer, telling jokes, drinking beer, burnt marshmallows, crying, drinking beer, etc…we heard a noise coming from a tree near by! We all thought is was an owl! No, not an owl; then we realized that it was a monkey!! Well, as it turned out, it was my seester Charline, who was acting out like a monkey!! We do have photos, who my youngest seester has!! She sure had us all in stitches that night with laughter!!

    Glad you had a nice evening roasting marshmallows!!


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