#58 – Give Blood

I regularly gave blood in the 80’s and 90’s, until one day I was told my iron was low. I ate the recommended green vegetables; broccoli, spinach, beans, peas. No kale. Kale wasn’t discovered then and only used as decoration in the deli section. Despite eating iron rich foods, my iron didn’t go up. My doctor suggested I take iron pills, which I did, but it had its side effects. Another prescription to “rect’ify” that. I stopped trying to give blood, until yesterday.

It has changed from the time of walking in off the street, sitting down in the comfy lazy-boy like lounge chairs and watching the bag move to and fro. One thing that remains, are the juice and cookies offered while you rest. No, this round started with making an appointment. I’m glad my friends gave me the heads up as there were only 4 spots left. After initial screening, the prick station and private conversation about your overall health, travel history and social habits, I’m good to go.


I am glad I gave blood. It made me feel good. The body is an amazing organism. While resting, I noticed how everyone was smiling and having conversations with complete strangers. The volunteers were upbeat and encouraging you to come back. And that’s just what I did. I scheduled my next donation for February.


7 thoughts on “#58 – Give Blood

  1. Good for you Charline! I’ve only given blood once in my life, when I was 18! I never went back, because first, I almost fainted and then I never could gave enough blood to fill the bag!! As my sisters know me, I’m also very afraid of needles!! I admire people who do give blood regularly! Our dad did for many years! Your oldest seester!!
    Love yah!!


  2. Sorry we missed you, we were actually no. 3 & 4 – now that’s a first! It was nice to get in and out without lining up for a change. It’s nice to Give at this time of year especially. Merry Christmas! xx


  3. Well my Seester, you will have to carry on the torch….I was refused yesterday not because of iron but of my Rx’s!! Have to be off it for 5 yrs…won’t be seeing me for a while! Oh well! Carry on the family tradition for us! P


  4. Good on ya Charline. Well did you see Dwayne?? he was there too.
    I’m like Paulette, they don’t like my CELIAC blood I have to wait a few more years. So Dwayne does it monthly to cover for his no good wife!

    Happy holidays… love your BLOG!


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