Weigh In – Zero pounds lost


First of all, I don’t like weighing myself and the word “Diet” does not exist in my vocabulary. I like food too much! I learn of my weight from my doctor, once a year when I have my yearly check-ups. Besides you don’t need to get on a scale – tight skirts and pants and feeling an extra roll during yoga moves, is a clear indication you’ve put on weight.

So why do I want to loose 6lbs? Because if I lost 60, the “0” size dress at Club Monaco, or as I like to call it the “Black and White” store, would be too big. And 6 lbs is attainable in a year.

I did weigh myself on my birthday and have the weight written down. I will share that number once I’ve accomplished the goal. The challenge will be to remember to weigh myself from time to time. Right now I’m at zero pounds lost. What a time to even start thinking of this!

Stay tuned and I will give you updates – at least 6 times.


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