#54 – Food Demo

There are probably a lot of things out there I could buy but I don’t because I don’t know about them. Taste tests give you that opportunity. I like the self help ones. If I like it, … I have another. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don’t. If I don’t, I walk away – no guilt. But when there is a person handing samples out, it’s different. What’s it like?

Yesterday, I found out. I helped my friends at Smokin George’s promote their BBQ sauce at a local grocery store.

Food Demo

“Have you heard of Smokin George’s?”, my opening line to lure them to taste. “Their sauce is so popular at the restaurant, they decided to bottle it”. It goes on.

Most shoppers love to taste. The ones that love the product, buy it. Some give you a polite “thank you” and move on. “It has less sugar and salt, then commercial brands”.

Some sound really interested and ask you all kinds of questions to find the one thing that will get them out of purchasing. “Oh I am sorry, I don’t cook”. “It makes a great stocking stuffer, under $10 for the Foodie in your home”. I’m not pushy here, I am enthusiastic. 

Then there are the ones who feel guilty and take the product… to later leave it on a shelf two isles down. (I’ve done it!).

The kids are the best. “Oh yes, I would like to try the pulled pork on the bread… no sauce please”. “But we are demoing the sauce” I say in my head.

Kids are honest – we should be more like them.


2 thoughts on “#54 – Food Demo

  1. so fun to have you on the other side of the demo table with me Charline! You are a natural, people open up when you engage with them. It is a very interesting perspective and great place to people watch. I never thought I would enjoy demoing our sauce but its actually quit fun – guess it helps that people love the sauce! Cheers Charline, so awesome to participate in your list!


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