Turning 60

Acrylic painted 2014

Branching Out

December 10th, 2014 I turned 60! I have decided to accomplish 60 things this year.

I created a list. The things on the list came to me selectively. Some, because I’ve always wanted to do them and never did, like riding a zip line. Others, because it will bring me back to a time when I use to do these things, like sewing. And others, just for the fun of it, like going on a picnic.

I decided on a blog rather then keep a diary because like my father, I like to tell stories. Stories are meant to be shared. Sometimes the stories will be stretched but they will all be true. The things on this list will get done in no specific order and each will be described in a separate blog.

I hope my blog will convey my experiences of accomplishing the 60 things on my list to family and friends and whoever enjoys a good story. It is meant to be fun and it is a birthday gift to myself.

So stay tuned, sit back and enjoy the adventure.


18 thoughts on “Turning 60

  1. Charline, quelle bonne idée. J’ai bien hâte de lire ton blog. Je suis certaine que tu auras un très bonne année et lots of fun ticking off the items on your list. As Paulette said and perhaps at my ripe old age, I can be with you with at least one “item”. Big hugs Diane


  2. Thank you for including us in your updates. Its a great idea and it will be fun to watch. Do we get a sneak peek at the list or is it something we find out after each task is completed?


  3. Think this is such a fabulous idea! Big Belated Birthday wishes to you Charlene and good luck with your list! I’m looking forward to taking part in at least one thing – hopefully book club at your house! Want to see the new place! Good luck my friend …


  4. Happy 60th Charline! And, what a grand idea befitting such an energetic and inspiring woman. I would be happy to join you on many of your plans whenever you wish.


  5. I finally got connected with your blog Charline, better late than never! And I am looking forward to joining you as you work your way through your list!


  6. Congrats Charline! What a fabulous venture for such an inspiring woman. I look forward to sharing your accomplishments along the way. Should you want company for #47….. let us know as its on our list too! XX


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